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Kelly’s Waffle: Painting the Inside of a Billy Bookcase

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Do you know Kelly from refresheddesigns? I’ve been reading her blog for a while now, and I’m always impressed by her spot-on styling, lovely pictures, and tips about how to create sustainable design.

Kelly is turning to us to help her resolve a waffle about a bookcase. A very stylish bookcase.

black-brown-billy-bookcase, ikea-billy-bookcase, wallpaper-bookcase, DIY-wallpaper-bookcase, wallpaper-on-billy-bookcase

Maybe you recognize it. It’s a black/brown Ikea Billy bookshelf, but Kelly added a wallpaper backing to it as you can see in this close-up:

wallpaper-bookcase, wallpaper-backing-bookcase, wallpaper-billy-bookcase, wallpaper-Ikea-bookcase

The bookcase is great as is, but Kelly is wondering if she can make it even better with some paint.  She explains:

I want to keep the bookcase black outside, as it balances some other black that I have in the room, namely the large flat-screen TV. However, I wonder if it would be more interesting to paint the inside of the cubbies an off-white and make the wallpaper backing stand out more. I’m not sure if the cream and black would be too much of a contrast though. I’d love some opinions.

wallpaper-bookcase, wallpaper-backing-bookcase, wallpaper-billy-bookcase, wallpaper-Ikea-bookcase


So what do you think? Should Kelly paint the inside of the cubbies off white — or leave them as is?

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