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Chessie and Robert’s waffle: used family car

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Chessie (of Melissa Button Boot fame) and her husband Robert are a two-kid, one-car family. Their current car is a Subaru Forester, but they are waffling about whether they should buy a larger used car. They are clear about two things: they do not want a minivan and the car must have 4WD.

Chessie explains: Now that we have two kids, should we 1) upgrade to a car with a third row at all? 2) and if we did, which of these cars would be better in terms of reliability and working well with kids? We mostly do city driving, so a good turning radius and easy parking ability are considerations as well.

Here are their top four choices. They are all 2008s.

The Acura MDX

2008 Acura MDX, used car, family car, Acura, used Acura

The Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90, used car, used volvo, family car

Mazda CX-9

Mazda CX-9, used car, used Mazda, family car, used family car

The Toyota Highlander

2008 Toyota Highlander, used car, used Toyota, family car, used family car

Which car do you think Chessie and Robert should get?

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