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Jenn’s Waffle: Cut or Grow Out Her Hair?

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You know that saying that nothing in life is certain but death and taxes? Well, if you’re a woman, I think you can add, “and going through a phase when you’re totally annoyed with your hair.”

Jenn, the creator of the personal lifestyle blog Jenn Dot Com, is having one of those ‘I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-my-hair’ experiences.  Here she explains the dilemma:

I’m at that awkward “blah” mid-length stage with my hair and can’t decide if I want to go for a shorter ‘do or grow it out.   If I were to go short, I’m thinking an angled bob just above the shoulders such as:
sandra-bullock, short-hair, short-hair-sandra-bullock, great-hair-sandra-bullock, sandra-bullock-haircut
jennifer-aniston-bob, short-hair, short-hair-jennifer-aniston, great-hair-jennifer-aniston, jennifer-anniston-haircut
Or if I continue to grow it out, go for long layers like these gals:
kate-beckinsale, long-hair, kate-beckinsale-long-hair, kate-beckinsale-great-hair, kate-beckinsale-great-long-hair

jessica-beels, long-hair, jessica-beels-long-hair, jessica-beels-great-hair, jessica-beels-great-long-hair

Of course whichever direction I end up going, I’d alter the style a bit to fit my own hair texture and face frame.

So what do you think Jenn should do: cut or grow out her hair?

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