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Today’s No-Waffle: My Parents’ House

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I didn’t grow up in the house my parents currently live in so I don’t have a huge sentimental attachment to it. I do have a huge aesthetic attachment to it, however.

Built-ins, builti-in-bookcases, built-in-bookcases-living-room, large-built-ins

Take the built-ins in the living room. Or these in the guest bedroom.

Built-ins, builti-in-bookcases, built-in-bookcases-guest-room, large-built-ins

I’m a big fan of this cozy nook in the master.

settee, settee-in-master, chaise-lounge, chaise-lounge-in-master

I’m also partial to the window seat in “my” room,


this arched doorway,

arched-doorway, arch, door-arch

and this mantelpiece.

mantelpiece, white-mantelpiece, fireplace, fireplace-in-master, fireplace-with-white-mantel

But perhaps my favorite part of my parents’ house is this oval window above the sink in the master bath.

oval-window, oval-window-master-bath

Here’s the funny thing: there are so many lovely parts of my parents’ house, but whenever we all get together do you know where we congregate? The stairs. Go figure.

PS — If you want to pin any of the above images to your Pinterest boards go ahead — you have my (and my parents’) permission.

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Today’s Waffle: Renovating a Fire Station

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Driving home the other day I passed this fire station.

Fire Station 38

Guess what? This 2568 square foot building is for sale.


Here’s the listing description, courtesty of Colliers (click on link to see more interior shots):

Built in 1930 with a major renovation in 1987, former Fire Station #38 features architectural details reminiscent of the Mission/Spanish Revival and Neo-Classical Revival styles.  As a unique residential dwelling, former Fire Station #38 provides a chance to own a piece of Seattle history.

fire-station-38, renovating-fire-station

Do you think it would be fun to live in a former fire station? What if money and location were not an issue and you could renovate the interior to your heart’s content?

You’d have some big open spaces to play with and super high ceilings…it’s a historical landmark, though, so any modifications you make to the exterior could not interfere with its’ “original character.”  In other words, you can’t paint it purple.

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Waffler Wrap-up and Recent Poll Results

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Remember when I posted this waffle about whether to hang one large picture in my dining room, like this:

Dining room art gallery wall, figuring out art arrangement

or two or three rows of smaller ones, like this:

Dining room art gallery wall, figuring out art arrangement

Readers voted overwhelmingly for many smaller pictures, which won with 84%. I like this idea as well, and I found some great photographs from artist Grace Knowlton. How do you think these would work as a series?

grace knowlton photography

grace knowlton photography

grace knowlton photography

In real estate news, when I posted this waffle about three current listings in Scottsdale, Arizona, this new build edged out the ulta-modern and Tuscan style houses with 47%.

patio, beautiful patio, lovely outdoor living room, pool, scorrsdale, AZ house

I think this gorgeous kitchen was one of the reasons why it won:

Scottsdale, AZ house kitchen, silver pendants, kitchen pendants, stainless kitchen pendants, shiny pendants, white kitchen

As for me, I wouldn’t say no to any house in Arizona these days. It’s been raining in Seattle for the past week and I wouldn’t be surprised if an ark showed up. With any luck, it will be ark with WiFi and a stocked fridge.

Have a great weekend!

Today’s waffle: Modern Family house vs. Up All Night house

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The ABC show, Modern Family, has received many accolades, as well it should: it’s pretty hilarious. I’ve recently caught a few episodes of Up All Night, the NBC comedy with Christina Appelgate and Will Arnett. It’s not as consistently funny as Modern Family, but I think it has potential.

But here’s the real question: which house (okay, set) do you like the best?

There are actually three houses to choose from on Modern Family, but for this waffle I’ve selected Phil and Claire Dunphy’s house (Phil is played by Ty Burrell and Claire is played by Julie Bowen). The designers seem to be going for a cozy, lived-in, Pottery Barn inspired look.

Here’s the Dunphey’s foyer.  The blue color on the stairs is Benjamin Moore’s Blue Labrador — now a very popular paint color.

Dunphy Home Modern Family, Modern Family foyer


The kitchen comes with a paneled refrigerator, what looks like black granite countertops, and plenty of wine storage.


Modern Family dining room

The living room has a comfortable vibe with lots of stripes and textures going on.

Modern Family living room



Here’s the master bedroom. I’m positive those sheets come from Pottery Barn because I almost bought them last year.

Modern Family bedroom

Modern Family bedroom

Here’s the bedroom shared by the Dunphy girls. Again, lots of color and pattern.

If the Dunphy house gets its’ design sense from Pottery Barn, then the Up All Night house is a mixture of Ikea and Room and Board — kind of a modern, retro, eclectic feel with lots of baby gear thrown in. The show follows Reagan — a producer for an Oprah-like talk show whose host is played by Maya Rudolph — and Christopher, a stay-at-home dad.

Here are a few shots of the kitchen. Those translucent cabinet doors mixed with open shelving make this room feel more contemporary.

Up All Night kitchen

Up All Night kitchen

Up All Night kitchen
Here’s the only shot I could find that shows a bit of a dining area.

The living room couch and large vertical tiles surrounding the fireplace lend a retro feel to the living room.

up all night living room

The master bedroom has a soft but tailored look.

Up all night bedroom

And finally the bathroom: lots of white tile and clean lines.

up all night bathroom

So what do you think? Which tv set best suits your own design tastes?

Sources for photos: the wonderful blog HookedonHouses, The LA Times, casasugar, and Reckless Bliss.

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Waffler wrap-up and recent poll results

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Okay, so Bridesmaids didn’t win the Oscar on Sunday for best original sceenplay…

Kristen+Wiig+Clothes+Oscars, J.Mendel gown,

but according to the polls here at The Waffler, 56% of readers loved this movie and 32% of readers want to see it. Pictured above is Bridesmaids’ co-writer, Kristin Wiig, wearing a  J. Mendel flesh-colored gown on the red carpet. What do you think of it — pretty and romantic or too reminiscent of pantyhose?

And while we’re on the topic of couture, when I posted a little red dress waffle in an ode to Valentine’s Day, Diane von Furstenberg’s Kimmie Dress came in first with 44% of the vote.

Diane von Furstenberg Kimmie Dress, red dress, chic red dress, valentine's day dress

Coming in second with 19% of the vote was the How Can You Nantes? Dress by Modcloth.

How Can You Nantes? Dress ModCloth, red dress, valentine's day dress, pretty dress, 50s style dress, red 50s style dress, full skirt dress, A-line dress in red

If red is not your color, maybe turquoise is. Rebekah, creator of Potholes to Pantyhose, digs it so much she’s going to paint her living and dining room this bold color.

When I posted her waffle about whether or not she should keep her current black couch and rugs, 84% voted for Rebekah to keep them. 88% thought her current orange dining chairs will also go well with the new turqoise walls.

I caught up with Rebekah earlier in the week. She was suffering from the flu and wrote this response in her pj’s, tissue box by her side:

I’ve picked the final paint color which is Valspar’s Turquoise Tint (5006-10B) and I can’t wait to get started. I am keeping the rugs and chairs per your fans recommendation. Thanks again for allowing me to guest post!

Feel better, Rebekah, and don’t forget to send us your “after” pics!

Brookline MA house, beautiful house, beautiful old house, new england house, great woodwork house, brookline ma listing, brookline house 6 bedroomsIn real estate news, I received a big response to the fantasy waffle I posted about 2.5 million dollar houses currently available in Boston.  The large, historic house in Brookline (see listing here) was a slam dunk for 69% of voters and easily beat out the Back Bay penthouse and eco-friendly new build.

covered porch brookline MA house, arches, covered porch, beautiful stonework

My favorite part of that house was actually outside the house, but then again I’m a sucker for a covered porch.

Have a great weekend!

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Real estate waffle: Scottsdale, AZ homes

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Last month we were all set to visit my sister-in-law in Arizona for a mini family reunion.


Unfortunately, Seattle had it’s annual bizarro snow storm that week and our flight was cancelled.  So when my S-I-L requested a real estate waffle for her hometown of Scottsdale I got right to work — hey, if I can’t scope out the houses there in person the second best thing is to do some on-line snooping.

First up is a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath new build listed for $3,195,00.

Sottsdale, AZ house

This house boasts an exercise/sauna room, 3+ fireplaces, and what looks to be a pretty awesome kitchen and living room.

Scottsdale, AZ house kitchen, silver pendants, kitchen pendants, stainless kitchen pendants, shiny pendants, white kitchen

lovely living room, living room off kitchen, staged living room, living room Arizona

It has lovely patios,

Scottsdale Arizona House, patio, beautiful patio, lovely outdoor living room

a pool off the main living area

patio, beautiful patio, lovely outdoor living room, pool, scorrsdale, AZ house

and great master bedroom and bath.

Scottsdale, AZ house, gallery wall, great gallery wall, gallery wall with white frames

lovely bathroom, white bathroom, neutral bathroom, double sinks bathroom, white cabinets bathroom

Or maybe your tastes run more modern. How about this 4 bedroom, 5 bath contemporary listed for $3,800,000?  It has a sleek kitchen,

scottsdale az kitchen, red kitchen, modern kitchen, granite countertops, sleek kitchen

scottsdale az kitchen, red kitchen, modern kitchen, granite countertops, sleek kitchen

lots of glass and open spaces,

scottsdale, az house living room, modern living room, glass living room, amazing view living room, scottsdale living room views, modern living room with view

Scottsdale Arizona house dining room, dining room with view, glass window dining room, beautiful view dining room

a bathroom with double showers and a cool tub off a private patio,

scottsdale Arizona house, modern bathroom, amazing tub, bathroom with view, bathroom private terrace, double showers

and some spectacular outdoor areas.

Scottsdale Arizona pool, modern pool, large modern pool, pool contemporary house

scottsdale arizona pool

scottsdale arizona house patio, patio with views, nighttime view patio, arizona views, beautiful patio views

Or would you prefer this “Tuscan inspired” 4 bedroom, 6 bathroom house listed for $3,450,000?

Scottsdale arizona house

It has a ginormous kitchen,

scottsdale arizona house

beamed ceilings,

scottsdale arizona house

scottsdale arizona house

both a game and a media room,

scottsdale arizona house, game room

scottsdale arizona house, media room

and lots of outdoor space.

scottsdale arizona house, patio

scottsdale arizona house, patio and pool

So if the cost and location of the house were not factors, which one would you choose?

And while we’re on the topic of real estate…If you’re a Pinterest member, come on over to the SoHo Loft Project board. We’ve got a great group of bloggers and pinners adding items we love to make this space come alive.

SoHo loft, brick wall soho loft, open loft space, unfurnished living room, pinterest party, pin party

To join, simply let me know your Pinterest handle in a comment or email it to me directly here.

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Waffler wrap up and recent poll results

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A few weeks ago I posted my first ever Fantasy Real Estate Waffle and it was a big hit.  Out of the three Seattle area homes listed for around a million dollars, the Portage Bay house with period charm came in first with 45% of the vote.

portage bay house seattle

portage bay house seattle

Coming in a close second with 35% was the West Seattle modern house with the killer views.

West Seattle house with view

West Seattle house with view

The Salmon Bay house with water access only garnered 20%, but I still wouldn’t say no to waking up with this view.

salmon bay house, seattle

I had a lot of fun creating this fantasy waffle even though my poor little brain went into waffling overdrive looking at all of the amazing listings: ooh, this house would be good to share, but so would that one.  And look at the bathroom in this house! Oh, but that house has great details… But you know what? I will gladly suffer from decideophobia again — let me know if there’s a particular city, town, or hamlet you’d like to see  featured and I’ll be happy to create a real estate waffle.

when harry met sally movie still, carrie fisher and meg ryan, girlfriend lunch, when harry met sally, carrie fisher, meg ryan, lunch movie

It was a double fantasy waffle week when I asked which free monthly indulgence you would choose if given the choice between a free monthly mani/pedi, massage, haircut or lunch with friends.  Seems like most of you enjoy pampering yourself socially: 41% of readers voted for lunch with friends, 33% wanted a massage, while mani/pedi and haircut came in third and fourth.  I, too, love the idea of a monthly lunch date with my girlfriends, and that’s saying a lot because I’m a total sucker for getting my hair blown out.

fresh flowers

In fresh cut flower news, when I asked how many of you buy them, 44% said almost never, 30% of readers only do it on special occasions, and 26% reported buying them on a regular basis.

amazing porch, Seattle porch, big windows porch, huge windows porch, light and airy porch

I’m signing off with a beautiful porch I came across in my real estate perusings. I wouldn’t mind camping out there with a good book this weekend. Hope you have a good one!

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