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Waffler Wrap-up and Recent Poll Results

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Remember when Fo from drawn{2}style was waffling between the Celine Luggage Tote  and the Celine Trapeze Bag? An overwhelming 81% of voters preferred the Luggage Tote over the Trapeze Bag.  Fo agreed.  Here she is to explain:

Here’s my photo of the Celine tote I purchased. As you know, I had been debating this purchase for a while and thanks to assurances from your readers, I took the plunge while Barney’s NY was running a promotion. I’m still in awe and will be admiring its newness for sometime before breaking it out. Thanks for all your help with my waffle!

A few weeks ago Chessie and her husband Robert were having a difficult time choosing an exterior paint color for their house.

Chessie’s House

They were deciding between yellow, green and blue (see the bottom three colors in the picture below).


60% of voters encouraged Chessie and Robert to go for the blue, while 20% liked the yellow and 20% chose green. Although Chessie likes the color blue, she couldn’t get past the idea that blue is a bit tacky for a house color. Instead, they are going for the Louisburg Green. Painting starts at the end of this week — good luck, guys!

Oh, and in case you’re interested in whether Chessie and Robert are going to add panels to the front of their house, here’s what Chessie had to say on the topic:

We aren’t going with the panels per se but we are boxing the front to give it some definition…I will definitely send a picture!

Have a great weekend!

Waffler wrap-up: Poll Results

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girl's bedroom, decorating girls bedroom, rearranging furniture kids room, bed placement

Option 3

A few weeks ago I posted a waffle about how best to position my daughter’s bed. I’ve always liked Tessa’s bed under the window, diagonally across from the door (option 1) but  I also offered voters option 2 (perpendicular to the window), option 3 (directly across from the window) and option 4 (across from and parallel to the window).

Ken read the waffle the night before I posted it.  This was our conversation:

Ken:   “Option 3 is definitely going to win.  Why haven’t we had her bed like this all along?”

Molly: “Option 1 is sooo going to win.  The bed should be diagonally across from the door.”

Ken: “Trust me, Option 3 is going to win.”

Molly:  Looks with pity at her colorblind, design-challenged husband and thinks, I’ll try not to say I told you so when Option 1 wins.

Ummmm…yeah, so, um, well, it’s kind of like…Okay, option 3 received 75% of the vote.  And option 1 received….zero votes.  As in not even one.  Does anyone know if there’s chocolate in humble pie?

girl's bedroom, decorating girls bedroom, rearranging furniture kids room, bed placement

Actually, I’m really digging the new set-up and I think it will look even better when we buy an actual bed frame. I especially like the green and white chair’s new location near the window.

Remember Kirsten’s waffle about which bag to buy?  She was having a hard time choosing between the Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier Hobo, the Tory Burch City Messenger Bag, and the Rebecca Minkoff Swing Bag.  At the polls, the Marc Jacobs bag won with 53% of the vote.

MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Classic Q - Hillier' Hobo, Marc Jacobs purse, Hobo purse

Marc Jacobs 'Classic Q - Hillier' Hobo

Here’s what Kirsten had to say when I told her the results:

It’s funny–I was leaning toward the Marc Jacobs one anyway. Once the Waffle was posted, I realized that it was the one I wanted to win. So I agreed with your voters!  A few days after the poll was posted, I decided to get it. I actually found a used one on Ebay for about $300 less than the retail price, so I ordered it. It doesn’t have the shoulder strap, and there’s a little bit of wear, but all in all, it’s a great bag and I’m happy to have it.

$300 less than the retail price? Go, Kirsten!

In hallway news, Galit was stumped by what to do with hers.  She wanted a piece of furniture that could help make the space more welcoming, as well as look stylish and provide some storage.  Galit offered us six choices.  Voters clearly liked two of them the best: Room & Board’s Kitaro Console Table received 47% of the vote and Ballard Designs’ Antoinette Sideboard garnered 38%.

Kitaro 3-Drawer Console Table, Console table, hall console table, asian console table, Room and Board console table, storage console table

Kitaro 3-Drawer Console Table

Ballard Designs Antoinette Sideboard, Sideboard, Painted wood sideboard, sideboard for hallway, hallway storage cabinet, hallway storage sideboard, Ballard Designs storage

Antoinette Sideboard

Galit now feels more confident about her next decorating step.  Here’s what she said about the process:

We loved having the chance to get other people’s opinions about this decision. We were waffling between a taller piece and a lower one. The votes indicate the lower furniture option is the clear winner! We aren’t quite ready to actually make this purchase, but when we do, it will definitely be a lower, open option like the Kitaro Console table. Thanks everyone for helping us!

In the meantime, I have bossily told encouraged Galit to start a Hallway board on Pinterest so she can round up more images like the one below for future hallway decisions.  Have a great weekend!

great hallway, two rugs hallway, pretty hallway, Pinterest hallway

What are you waffling about these days? Whether it’s rugs, boots, or a raincoat, click on the button below to send a waffle and get help.


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