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Waffler Wrap-up and Recent Poll Results

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Remember when Sarah was having trouble deciding which pictures of her kids to blow up and hang in her living room? Readers loved all of the images, but the top two vote-getters were a pair of the kids looking up (36%) and a pair of them in the foyer (30%).  Here’s what Sarah said about her decision:

Looks like we’re going to go with the pics of the kids in the foyer.  It’s my favorite of my son and the colors seem to fit the best with where we’re placing them. Thanks for all of your input!

yellow-front-door, yellow-door, bold-front-door-colors


With the arrival of spring, I posted a waffle about whether you would ever paint your front door yellow. 45% of voters replied with an enthusiastic ‘Yes!’ 45% would go for yellow if the exterior of their house was different or if they didn’t already love their front door, and only 10% checked off ‘Nope.’ If you didn’t get a chance to vote, what about you — would you paint your front door yellow?

Fire Station 38

When I posted this picture of an old fire station in my neighborhood which is being auctioned off, 86% of voters thought it would be cool to renovate.

I’m on board with the whole reno thing — just imagine those high ceilings — but I’m actually hoping it will be turned into a great restaurant or bookstore. Or maybe a calorie-free dark chocolate shop…

While we’re (okay, while I’m) on the topic of magical foods, when I asked readers whether they would prefer a zero calorie (but nutritionally balanced) snack food, 73% wanted it to be sweet while only 27% choose salty.

Most of you know by now that I would choose dark chocolate in a heartbeat.  And even though it doesn’t have the nutritional value of kale, researches have found that dark chocolate can prevent heart disease, protect your skin and improve your mood (um…no duh!)

Have a great weekend!

Sarah’s Waffle: Pictures of the Kids

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Some kids are cute. Some kids are ridiulously cute, like Sarah’s.

Sarah has already purchased a Groupon for two 16 x 20 convases; she plans on blowing up pictures of Jackson and Sadie and hanging them side by side above above the couch in her family room.

She just can’t figure out which pairing of the kids to choose. Can you help her out?

Option 1, the kids looking at each other:

Option 2, the kids with props:

Option 3, silly faces:

Option 4, kids looking up:

Option 5, kids looking away

Option 6, kids in the foyer

PS — Sarah’s friend, Emily, from Emily Ann Designs took the gorgeous pictures of Jackson and Sadie.

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