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Jessie’s Waffle: Paint Color for the Basement

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In my house, the basement is the place where furniture goes to die, so I was all ears when my sister told me she was going to try to breathe new life into her own.  Jessie has lots of elements for the basement already figured out. New sectional: check. New flooring: check. New paint color: nope.

Let’s get a sense of the room before looking at specific paint colors.  See this corner?

basement-decorating, basement-before

Here’s the sectional that is going to go there:

visions-sectional, sectional-for-basement, corner-sectional, corner-sectional-for-basement


The TV will be moved in front of the cubby area under the stairs:

Jessie's basement

And the gray carpet will be replaced with this:

hardwoods-by-floorcraft, hardwood-floors-replace-carpet, Busket-Lane-Floorcraft


So now we can turn to paint colors. Jessie’s oldest daughter, Lucy, is pushing for a warm, orangey color to make the room feel less cold and dank. Her youngest daughter, Anna, likes pink, and Jessie is drawn to the blues, blue/grays, and gray/greens. Here’s what Jessie says about the dilemma:

I am in a quandry about paint. Nobody in the family loved any of my initial samples, so I mixed and doctored and got all these other colors. Some are in better favor than others. My plan right now is to just paint the back wall where the large windows are or maybe the back wall and the wall below the stairs.

Here are some paints she is considering from the green family:


the blue family:

blue-colors-besement, blue-benjamin-moore-colors-basement, blue-basement, blue-paint-for-basement

and here are some from the red, orange, yellow and pink family:

red-paint-basement, red-pink-yellow-for-basement, warm-colors-basement, choosing-paint-basement

Here’s a look at all of them:


The basement will be used primarily for TV/movie watching and sleepovers (which Jessie notes are really just extended sessions of movie watching). So what do you think? Which color family should Jessie adopt to make her new basement fabulous?

PS — if you like one color in particular, let Jessie know which one in the comments section.

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Waffler wrap-up: poll results

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Remember my waffle about how to make my laundry room more cheerful?  I got so much good advice, from putting in cabinets (why had I never thought about that before?) to wall decals (great idea) to changing out the light fixture (hello, Ikea).

Laundry room, decorating a laundry room,

In the end, though, I think I’m going to try something I had previously ruled out: painting.  I know, I know, painting involves much more work than a wall stencil or decal, but I just couldn’t find a stencil or decal I loved for the space. And Holiday from holidayhouserules has convinced me I can use a small enough roller to fit behind the machines.

As for the actual color, I’m being unusually decisive. Nope, scratch that. I was about to start bragging about how I was all set to paint the laundry room Ocean Cliffs, the Kelly Moore color that’s in our half bath on the main floor. It’s hard to get a good sense of the color in this photo, but it’s a nice soothing blue.

Kelly Moore Ocean Cliffs, blue powder room, ocean cliffs powder room, blue bathroom, light blue bathroom

But then I had to go and check out House of Turquoise and fall  in love with several of the colors in Erin’s lovely photos. Here’s a sneak peak of another color I’m now considering: Benjamin Moore’s Blue Wyeth.

benjamin moore blue wyeth, house of turquoise, benjamin moore color of the 2011, spa-like paint color, soothing blue color, calming paint color, popular benjamin moore blue, popular paint color

Isn’t that a nice color? You can expect more blues and greens in next week’s paint waffle.

Moving on to  the the ever-popular boot waffle category, 50% of poll-takers thought that Jill should return her Eggplant Champery Wellies and exchange them for the Andora style in Gunmetal.

Gunmetal Andora Wellies, Wellies, Boots, Winter boots, Hunter Boots, Women's boots

When I asked Jill about her plans, she explained,

It’s been a very busy (and unseasonable!) couple of weeks in Chicago and I have let them sit in my closet unworn. I actually haven’t made my decision yet. Yep, I’m a waffler and procrastinator!

Jill is going to check on prices and sales and get back to us when she has made her final decision.

In the Fantasy Waffle category, readers seemed to enjoy all of the casas designed by Zoe Siegel. The final votes were close, with Casa Vista and Casa Azul both receiving 37.5%. Personally, I would love staying in any of Zoe’s houses. In fact, I am smitten with the built-in bench she designed for Casa Jasmine’s patio. I’m going to close my eyes and pretend I’m sitting in that patio right now rather than huddled here under my blanket in gray and rainy Seattle. Can someone please fetch me a drink?

Zoe Siegel house, San Miguel Allende, built-in couch, patio

Have a great weekend!

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