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Waffler Wrap-up and Recent Poll Results

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Remember when Fo from drawn{2}style was waffling between the Celine Luggage Tote  and the Celine Trapeze Bag? An overwhelming 81% of voters preferred the Luggage Tote over the Trapeze Bag.  Fo agreed.  Here she is to explain:

Here’s my photo of the Celine tote I purchased. As you know, I had been debating this purchase for a while and thanks to assurances from your readers, I took the plunge while Barney’s NY was running a promotion. I’m still in awe and will be admiring its newness for sometime before breaking it out. Thanks for all your help with my waffle!

A few weeks ago Chessie and her husband Robert were having a difficult time choosing an exterior paint color for their house.

Chessie’s House

They were deciding between yellow, green and blue (see the bottom three colors in the picture below).


60% of voters encouraged Chessie and Robert to go for the blue, while 20% liked the yellow and 20% chose green. Although Chessie likes the color blue, she couldn’t get past the idea that blue is a bit tacky for a house color. Instead, they are going for the Louisburg Green. Painting starts at the end of this week — good luck, guys!

Oh, and in case you’re interested in whether Chessie and Robert are going to add panels to the front of their house, here’s what Chessie had to say on the topic:

We aren’t going with the panels per se but we are boxing the front to give it some definition…I will definitely send a picture!

Have a great weekend!

Chessie’s Waffle: Exterior Paint Color

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Chessie’s House

As long term Waffler readers may remember, I had quite a difficult time picking out a paint color for my laundry room (you can see the before and after here).  Choosing a color for my little laundry room is one thing; choosing a color for the outside of my house might just make my head explode.

Chessie, however, is up to the task.  She just needs a little help narrowing down her choices.  Here she explains:

When we bought our two family in Somerville, MA three years ago, we gutted and updated a lot of the interior. We love the inside now–the outside, not so much. It’s a “classic” 1970s light green vinyl that I guess was considered  modern and low maintenance then but is just ugly now.

We can’t afford to re-side with wood or a modern siding like hardy plank right now, but we recently learned about vinyl safe paints that could work to update our exterior. We have narrowed down the color options to yellow, green, and blue. The front of our house is lacking in a lot of architectural detail so we are wary of painting a color that will overwhelm. What do people think?

Take a look at the bottom three color swatches in the picture below.  Do you think Chessie should paint her house yellow, green, or blue?


And while you’re thinking about exterior colors, Chessie would also like you to weigh in on whether you like the idea of adding panels to the front of the house to boost its architectural appeal. It might look something like this — though the interior blocks would be whatever color they decide to paint the house, not the green in the image.

What have you been waffling about lately? Let me know and readers can help you make that tricky decision.

Waffler Wrap-up and Recent Poll Results

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Remember how Kelly from Refreshed Designs was waffling about whether or not to paint the inside of this Ikea Billy bookcase?

black-brown-billy-bookcase, ikea-billy-bookcase, wallpaper-bookcase, DIY-wallpaper-bookcase, wallpaper-on-billy-bookcase

60% of voters encouraged Kelly to paint the inside of the cubbies, while 40% wanted her to leave them as is. Here’s what Kelly says she plans to do:

I have decided, because of the close vote and because of laziness, not to paint the shelves for now. My motto is keep it simple, so I think the all-one-color will stay for a while.

This was what my sister’s basement looked like a few weeks ago when she was waffling about what color to paint the back wall.

painting-a-basement, choosing-a-paint-color, good-color-for-basement, orange-basement

51% of readers thought Jessie should choose a color in the blue family while 24% favored an orange. So which color did she end up with?


As you can see, she went with a bold orange — Benjamin Moore’s Jeweled Peach, to be exact. Here’s what Jessie has to say about why she chose it:

I did the orange because I was bullied into it by my daughter and a friend who kept pestering me about “warm colors” in the damp and chilly basement. I loathed it for the first few days but it is growing on me, and my husband likes it too. Now I just have to get the flooring down and order the couch!

What do you think of the orange?

stenciled-stairs, blue-stenciled-stairs

Arte Styling

If Waffler readers are any indication, I bet we’ll be seeing more stenciled stairs in the world of design. When I asked readers about this trend, 80% said they like it while only 10% claimed they did not.

When I posted a fantasy waffle about whether you would prefer a free spring-cleaning or a free spring break vacation, the votes were close. 55% chose the free spring-cleaning option while 45% chose a free spring break.

I guess waffler readers are a practical bunch…either that or you just really hate to clean.

What are you waffling about these days? I’d love to know!

Today’s Waffle: Yellow Front Doors

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Yellow doors seem to be all the rage these days.

yellow-front-door, bold-front-door-color, yellow-doors

Dr. Catherine's Old-Timey Tonic

yellow-door, yellow-front-door, modern-house-yellow-door, bold-front-door-color

Sara's Party Perfect

yellow-door, bold-front-door, yellow-front-door

Apartment Theray

yellow-door, yellow-front-door, bold-front-door-color

The Waffler

yellow-door,young-house-love-yellow-door, young-house-love-door

Young House Love

And why not? Yellow is so cheerful and welcoming, it’s hard not to smile when you see one. But would you be bold enough to have one for your own house?

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Today’s waffler wrap-up and recent poll results

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Do you like this West Elm Owl Table Lamp?  If so, maybe you were part of the 50% or voters who said they love the owl trend in decor.

Owl Table Lamp West Elm

27% of voters are ready for the owl trend to get the ax, while 23% could take it or leave it.

From owls we now move on to birds. A few weeks ago Suzy from Worthing Court appeared as a guest waffler.  Her problem? Art for her dining room. Suzy presented readers with three groups of bird art; the grouping below received 48% of the vote and was the clear winner with readers.

bird artbird artbird art

I caught up with Suzy recently and asked her what she plans to do. It seems like she’s taking a bit of a style turn:

Thank you, Molly, for helping me out with my Waffle and thank you to everyone who took time to vote and to leave suggestions for which art I should use it my dining room! It really helped to focus my direction. Believe it or not, my very first inclination was to go with modern art. Sooo…I think I’m going to take some more time looking around to see what I can find in the way of modern art. I’d love to find a book that I could pull pages out of to frame. Anyone have any suggestions?

And while we’re on the topic of dining rooms, remember my waffle about whether I should paint mine yellow?

dining room

59% of readers encouraged me to go for yellow, while 41% think I should hold off.

And what am I going to do? You know that song, Love the One You’re With? Well, I sort of changed my mind with each new reader comment. When Carol from The Design Pages talked about how everyone (even her mailman) loved her yellow dining room, I was sold. But then I got cold feet when Sarah warned me that painting a room yellow might make the room look too sunny in the summer.

My brain was getting whiplash.  But then I remembered those 18 x 18 inch sample sheets Benjamin Moore offers now.  So that’s my new plan: I’m going to get my butt over to Benjamin Moore and bring home some of those huge sheets so I can get a sense of what yellow might look like. You don’t need to ask — of course I’ll keep you updated!


I’m leaving you with one of the great images I found in my yellow dining room research. Have a great weekend!

What are you waffling about these days? Click on the button below to let me know.

My waffle: painting the dining room/living room yellow

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Yesterday I wrote about the cheery yarn bombed trees I saw in downtown Seattle; today I’m debating whether to bring some of that same sunniness to my combined living room/dining room by painting it yellow.   Eventually I would like a larger piece of art on the back wall and a drum pendant to replace the current lighting, but right now I’m thinking about color.

dining room

The main color behind the table is Kelly Moore’s Creamy Natural — a whitish green; the darker color it meets in the corner is Beach Bum — a gray green.  The built-in bookcase is a high gloss white.

dining room, built in bookcase

The living room is mostly Beach Bum as well:

living room, painting a living room yellow, kelly moore beach bum

living room

Now you may remember how I was completely waffled (yes, waffled is not officially a word) by what color to paint my laundry room. My first impulse was blue, but after many readers encouraged me to try yellow — and after many trips to the paint store — I fell in love with Benjamin Moore’s Moonlight.

laundry room, yellow laundry room, moonlight benjamin moore, benjamin moore moonlight laundry room, yellow benjamin moore laundry room, black and white rug in laundry room, yellow walls black and white rug

So what if I painted my living room/dining room Moonlight as well? Or maybe even going a bit lighter than Moonlight? I love the pops of yellow the cushions on the green couch provide and I think it would be nice to tie the walls in…but would a whole yellow room be too much, too intense?

The truth of the matter is that the sagey green colors are nice — and even nicer on a sunny day, so maybe I should just add a few yellow accessories rather than going whole hog yellow. But when Seattle is particularly gray and rainy I think about painting this big room and bringing the sun indoors. What do you think?

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Rebekah’s waffle: will the couch, chairs and rugs go with turquoise walls?

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I’m so excited to introduce today’s guest waffler: Rebekah, from the awesome blog, Potholes to Pantyhose. She’s not afraid of going bold with her walls (turquoise!) but she needs some help with the details.

Hello to all of my fellow Waffler readers!  I’m Rebekah from Potholes and Pantyhose which is where I share and photograph detailed tutorials of my DIY Projects, Recipes, Photography Tips and Remodeling Endeavors. I like to re-invent and create things around my home, but I like to do so inexpensively and with my own little flair.

Today, I need your help making some major decorating decisions. I married a man that actually cares how his home is decorated, but he’s given me the green light to redecorate the joined living and dining room spaces.

When we first moved into this house, we went very basic with the color choice in the living and dining room-as you can see here in the dining room…and here in the living room.

I’m ready for something a bit more bold, full of style and warmth.  Here is my inspirations in a nutshell:

This was the beginning of my inspiration — turquoise painted walls with orange accents:

(Courtesy Home and Decor)

I love these colors together.

(Courtesy Cococozy)

I am definitely going to paint the walls turquoise, but here is where I’m waffling: first, do I keep the black couch and the rugs that are currently in both rooms?

and second, will the orange chairs I already have go with turquoise walls?

Also — I want to add window coverings.  Any suggestions on color?

Weigh in. I need you.  I don’t want to let my hubby down-he’s depending on me to make some good decisions. Once I see that turquoise on the wall, I may just lose it…..

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