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Today’s waffler wrap-up and recent poll results

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Do you like this West Elm Owl Table Lamp?  If so, maybe you were part of the 50% or voters who said they love the owl trend in decor.

Owl Table Lamp West Elm

27% of voters are ready for the owl trend to get the ax, while 23% could take it or leave it.

From owls we now move on to birds. A few weeks ago Suzy from Worthing Court appeared as a guest waffler.  Her problem? Art for her dining room. Suzy presented readers with three groups of bird art; the grouping below received 48% of the vote and was the clear winner with readers.

bird artbird artbird art

I caught up with Suzy recently and asked her what she plans to do. It seems like she’s taking a bit of a style turn:

Thank you, Molly, for helping me out with my Waffle and thank you to everyone who took time to vote and to leave suggestions for which art I should use it my dining room! It really helped to focus my direction. Believe it or not, my very first inclination was to go with modern art. Sooo…I think I’m going to take some more time looking around to see what I can find in the way of modern art. I’d love to find a book that I could pull pages out of to frame. Anyone have any suggestions?

And while we’re on the topic of dining rooms, remember my waffle about whether I should paint mine yellow?

dining room

59% of readers encouraged me to go for yellow, while 41% think I should hold off.

And what am I going to do? You know that song, Love the One You’re With? Well, I sort of changed my mind with each new reader comment. When Carol from The Design Pages talked about how everyone (even her mailman) loved her yellow dining room, I was sold. But then I got cold feet when Sarah warned me that painting a room yellow might make the room look too sunny in the summer.

My brain was getting whiplash.  But then I remembered those 18 x 18 inch sample sheets Benjamin Moore offers now.  So that’s my new plan: I’m going to get my butt over to Benjamin Moore and bring home some of those huge sheets so I can get a sense of what yellow might look like. You don’t need to ask — of course I’ll keep you updated!


I’m leaving you with one of the great images I found in my yellow dining room research. Have a great weekend!

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Today’s waffle: owls

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Owls? Yes, owls. I occasionally pass by an antique store here in Seattle and there are a whole row of these little porcelain owls in the window.

porcelain Owls

They’ve been making me think of the long-lasting owl trend in decor. How do you feel about the owl as motif?

This Owls Sheet and Duvet set from Dwell Studios has been around for awhile:

Owls bedding Dwell Studios, Owls duvet, owls sheet set, Dwell Studios owl kids sheets

And of course there are plenty of owl stencils and decals like this one for kids’ rooms:

owls in decor, owl decal, owls kids room, owls nursery, cute owls kids room, owls on walls

But there are also owl smartphone cases:

owl smartphone case

Owl umbrella stands:

owl umbrella stand

Owl wallpaper:

owl wallpaper

Owl Calendars:

owl calendar

And of course, a multitude of owl pillows:

owl pillow, owls decor, owls interior design, cute owls, owls on branch

Are you digging the owl trend or are you ready for it to be over and done with?

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