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Waffler Wrap-up and Recent Poll Results

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Remember Jenn from Jenn Dot Com?  She was waffling about whether to cut her hair short into an angled bob or grow it out in longer layers.  62% of voters encouraged Jenn to cut her hair short while 38% wanted her to grow it out.  Here’s what Jenn said when I asked her what she decided:

Perfect timing as I just booked a hair appt for this Saturday! I’m going for the angled look and will defer to my stylist to make it suit my face/hair texture. I’m too impatient to grow it any longer and I think a shorter ‘do would be fun for the spring/summer. 
 I’d be happy to send an after photo for you.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t turn into a cut from hell 😉

Jayson Home

When I polled readers about their opinions about caged lighting 52% of voters praised this trend, while 26% dislike it and 22% can take it or leave it.  If you didn’t get a chance to vote on caged lighting, what do you think — would you want it in your house?

Have a great weekend!

Today’s Waffle: Cage Lighting

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When I saw these lights hanging in a store on a recent trip to Portland, I was surprisingly drawn to them.  I don’t have any cage lighting in my house or on my “want-to-buy” list, but I found this display kind of cool. Cage lighting has become quite the popular choice for interiors these days. What do you think about this trend?

Cage lights come singly, like these Workshop Cage Lights from Jayson Home


Jayson Home

and in groups, like this Vintage Wire Caged Chandelier



and this Cage Chandelier by Tracey Kessler.

cage-chandelier. traci-kessler

There are cage pendants for the dining room,


the living room,


and the bathroom.


This Vintage Pendant adds a pop of color with a green steel shade.


Jayson Home

And this Cage Fuel Pendant from CB2 uses a high gloss red.



So are you a friend or foe of the industrial chic look of cage lighting?  Is seeing the light bulb a turn off for you — or do you find it an interesting look?

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