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Jameson’s Waffle: Wine Labels

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jameson-fink, wine-without-worry

Even wine bloggers sometime waffle about wine. ¬†Enter Jameson Fink, the eponymous author behind the excellent blog Jameson Fink, Wine without Worry. Here’s Jameson’s waffle in his own words:

Though I have worked in the wine business for years, I am not immune to the significant charms of a well-designed, attention-getting, and/or thoughtful label. (I’d also like to note I really enjoy what’s in the bottle as well!) I can’t decide which one I like better. Which do you prefer?

Supernatural-Sauvignon-Blanc, And-Co

The And Co Supernatural Sauvignon Blanc, from New Zealand, has a modern, graphic look on both the front and back label that I adore. It’s attention-getting in a good way. And who can’t get behind the bottle cap seal? No corkscrew required. (This label is actually different then the one you will find available for purchase. You can take a look at the current label and more information about the wine from my post on Foodista.)


The Domaine Pouillon “French Press” Syrah, from Washington, combines two of my favorite beverages on its label: wine and coffee. The drawing on the label doesn’t even look like it was printed. I imagine the artist just casually sketching the design on each bottle. (Note: The wine stain was added after the bottle was opened. Hey it’s not easy pouring from a big bottle. Though it looks pretty cool, I must admit.)

So, Waffler readers, which label is your favorite?

Do you have a waffle you’d like to have featured on The Waffler? I’d love to know about it!

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