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Today’s waffle: collage framed artwork

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Recently one of my favorite blogs, Casasugar, did a post about design trends they deem the best of 2011.  Some of their ideas I didn’t recognize as trends (loose arrangements of flowers?) but one in particular stood out to me: collaged framed artwork, in which smaller frames are hung together in a cluster.  I actually think this has been a trend for a few years now.

Sometimes people unify the look with the same color frames like Sherri and John from younghouselove did:

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Sometimes a gallery wall is created with similar artwork but different colored frames:

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And of course sometimes both artwork and frames are varied:

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Lots of people hang their artwork in a highly organized way:

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And others create a looser structure:

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So what do you think about this trend? Do you think it’s here to stay or a flash in the pan decorating idea?

What have you been waffling about lately? You can let me know by clicking on the link below.

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