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My waffle: keep or return the nook

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Ken got me a Nook for Christmas.  Before handing it to me he said, “This is something you’ll probably hate at first, but I bet you’ll love it in 6 months.”   I usually don’t like being told what I’m going to feel about something, but in this case he was right: I hated it.  Or as I teach my kids to say, I strongly disliked it.

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See, I love the feel of books — their weight, the feel of pages, the cover design — and nothing beats the anticipation of searching for a good book in a bookstore. And that’s the other thing: I want to support my local independent bookstores.

Ken points out that we can still do that. There are always books to buy for the kids and for presents. He also reminds me that we are running out of bookshelf space in our house. Plus, the Nook is convenient for travel and you can highlight text, which might aid my forgetful mind when it comes time for book club.

So what about you?  Do you have an e-reader or are you partial to actual book books? Is it easy to get used to reading books on a screen or should I not even attempt it? I’d love your advice!

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