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Waffler Wrap-up and Recent Poll Results

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Remember when Fo from drawn{2}style was waffling between the Celine Luggage Tote  and the Celine Trapeze Bag? An overwhelming 81% of voters preferred the Luggage Tote over the Trapeze Bag.  Fo agreed.  Here she is to explain:

Here’s my photo of the Celine tote I purchased. As you know, I had been debating this purchase for a while and thanks to assurances from your readers, I took the plunge while Barney’s NY was running a promotion. I’m still in awe and will be admiring its newness for sometime before breaking it out. Thanks for all your help with my waffle!

A few weeks ago Chessie and her husband Robert were having a difficult time choosing an exterior paint color for their house.

Chessie’s House

They were deciding between yellow, green and blue (see the bottom three colors in the picture below).


60% of voters encouraged Chessie and Robert to go for the blue, while 20% liked the yellow and 20% chose green. Although Chessie likes the color blue, she couldn’t get past the idea that blue is a bit tacky for a house color. Instead, they are going for the Louisburg Green. Painting starts at the end of this week — good luck, guys!

Oh, and in case you’re interested in whether Chessie and Robert are going to add panels to the front of their house, here’s what Chessie had to say on the topic:

We aren’t going with the panels per se but we are boxing the front to give it some definition…I will definitely send a picture!

Have a great weekend!

Waffler Wrap-up and Recent Poll Results

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Remember Jenn from Jenn Dot Com?  She was waffling about whether to cut her hair short into an angled bob or grow it out in longer layers.  62% of voters encouraged Jenn to cut her hair short while 38% wanted her to grow it out.  Here’s what Jenn said when I asked her what she decided:

Perfect timing as I just booked a hair appt for this Saturday! I’m going for the angled look and will defer to my stylist to make it suit my face/hair texture. I’m too impatient to grow it any longer and I think a shorter ‘do would be fun for the spring/summer. 
 I’d be happy to send an after photo for you.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t turn into a cut from hell 😉

Jayson Home

When I polled readers about their opinions about caged lighting 52% of voters praised this trend, while 26% dislike it and 22% can take it or leave it.  If you didn’t get a chance to vote on caged lighting, what do you think — would you want it in your house?

Have a great weekend!

Waffler wrap-up and recent poll results

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Remember how Janette from The2Seasons was waffling about whether or not to paint the armoire in her mudroom?

armoire, armoire-in-mudroom


57% of readers thought Janette should paint it, while 43% encouraged her to keep it as is. And what did Janette decide to do? Here she with the answer:

Thanks to everyone who voted on my waffle. I am going to make the armoire the best of both worlds. I will leave the exterior unpainted, but I am going to add some additional shelves to the inside and paint it a soft gray with some hints of blue. It will keep its traditional look on the outside but have a pop of color to give a new and fresh look inside.

When Rayna’s husband purchased this chicken coop she was thrilled…about the fresh eggs, that is.  The chicken coop, not so much.

chicken-coop, prefab-chicken-coop

Rayna’s predicament prompted me to post a waffle asking voters to choose their favorite coop from a variety of different styles.  The clear winner was this cottage-y coop, which received 44% of the votes.

chicken-coop, cottage-style-chicken-coop

Heather Bullard

This modern, clean-lined coop (which even has a skylight) received 26%.

chicken-coop, modern-chicken-coop, DIY-chicken-coop

The Art of Doing Stuff

And Rayna’s favorite? This modern cube only received 12%. (It was my favorite, too, Rayna!)

coop-dreams-exterior-portrait, modern-chicken-coop


This last waffle was inspired by another friend. Marie was giving a dinner party and wondered whether or not to ask people to take off their shoes after entering the house.

47% of readers find the shoes-off request to be totally acceptable, while 28% find it a bit annoying, and 15% have never been asked. If you didn’t get a chance to weigh in, what are your feelings about being asked to take off your shoes?

Have a great weekend!

Waffler Wrap-up and Recent Poll Results

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Remember Jameson from the wine blog Jameson Fink? He was wondering which of these wine labels most tickled your design fancy.


Domaine Pouillon

Supernatural-Sauvignon-Blanc, And-Co

And Co

The results were close. 53% of voters chose the Domaine Pouillon while 47% preferred the And Co label. And Jameson’s choice? Here he is with an explanation:

It’s not easy to choose between a wine label with sizzle (And Co.) and one with sentiment (Domaine Pouillon). I happen to like a little bit of both on my wine labels and in my life. I was happy to see such a close vote as I think it speaks to the originality of both contenders. But the reason I put it to a vote was to help make a decision, so I’m going with the Domaine Pouillon. The people have spoken, and they (slightly) prefer the confluence of coffee and wine rendered in such a charming manner. The most important thing to remember, however, is both wines are delicious and highly recommended!

gray-kitchen, classic-kitchen-gray

Traditional Home

While we’re on the topic of coffee (gray and coffee are related if you live in Seattle like I do) I posted a waffle a few weeks ago about gray kitchens. It turns out a high number of voters are enthusiasts of the gray look: 63% of voters said they were fans while 20% dislike them and 17% can take them or leave them.  Personally, I’m a fan providing some pops of color to balance the gray.  Which is a good segue to my next waffle update…

kitchen counter stools

I couldn’t decide whether to keep the above counter stools in my kitchen (pro: the blue provides a nice pop of color, con: the metal legs gauge into the wood counter supports) or trade them out for the West Elm’s Klismos Stools as seen on the left in the picture below (pro: great lines, con: too much dark wood).

west-elm-klismos-stool, counter-stool, brown-counter-stool, chocolate-brown-counter-stool, west-elm-counter-stool

25% of voters encouraged me to keep the Klismos stools, 30% wanted me to stick with the blue stools and 45% thought I should find something new. Well, I returned the Klimos stools — while I loved the look, I ultimately think I need to break up the dark wood tones — but I’ve been having trouble finding an alternative. I tried these Spin stools from Crate and Barrel

SpinBarstools, crateandbarrel-spin-stools, crateandbarrel-stools

Crate and Barrel

and these Delta stools, also from C & B:

DeltaBartsools, deltabarstools-crateandbarrel, crateandbarrel-stools

Crate and Barrel

But they both looked terrible.  Terrible!  I thought the aluminum would work nicely with our stainless steel appliances, but it was a clear no-go.  Even Ken — king of “anything that’s functional is fine” was shaking his head.  So the search will continue. And if you have any epiphanies about what stool I should get — because I’m sure that’s what your next epiphany will be about — let me know.

Have a great weekend!

Waffler Wrap-up and Recent Poll Results

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Remember how Adina of Gluten Free Travelette was looking for the perfect travel dress for her upcoming trip to Iceland, France, and Spain?

Toe-the-line-shabby-apple, pretty-dress, shabby-dresss, shabby-apple-spring-dress

Toe the LIne

Adina showed us three lovely dresses from Shabby Apple. Voters’ top choice was the Champs Elysees dress, which garnered 44%, followed by Overboard with 33% and Toe the Line with 23%. And what did Adina decide? Here she is with the verdict:

I love all the dresses and would love to get all three of them. Since that’s not terribly practical I’m actually going with the Toe the Line Dress for this trip. It’s simple and therefore versatile, which is important to me on this particular trip. That being said, I’ll be looking for any upcoming opportunity or event to get the other two!

beachy-mudroom, blue-and-white-mudroom


The fantasy mudroom waffle I posted a few weeks ago was quite popular — leading me to believe that there are people out there like me who have a bit of an obsession with this area of the house. The top two vote-getters were the “Beachy Mudroom” (see above) which received 27% and the “Colorful Mudroom” (below), which received 25%.

orange-mud-room, house-beautiful, bright-cheerful-mudroom

House Beautiful

As for my own mudroom, I have big plans. Of course, these big plans are filled with waffles. The one thing I’m sure of is that the white tile floor (otherwise known as ‘the white tile floor that shows every single speck of dirt and makes me want to scream, especially when Will tracks in these little rubbery, black turf things from his cleats’) will have to be covered. I’m thinking Flor tiles. The color? Don’t ask…

Waffler Wrap-up and Recent Poll Results

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A few weeks ago, Keridwyn was having trouble deciding between a turquoise, yellow, green, and white DIDUCI scarf.



Voters #1 choice was the green scarf, which came in with 43% of the vote, followed by the turquoise with 29%, the yellow with 24% and the white with only 5%.  What did Keridwyn decide? Here she is with the answer:

I’ve decided to buy two scarves – the turquoise and the yellow. I know the green was the people’s choice winner, but given my wardrobe, the other two really go with more that I own…plus the more I look at the images, the more I like the bright colors that really popped! Thanks to everyone who voted!

appliance garage, kitchen trends, appliance garage kitchen, hiding appliances, kitchen design

Better Homes and Garden

It seems like most Waffler readers are fans of the appliance garage. When I polled readers about whether they would be thrilled or annoyed if they moved into a house with one, 65% said they would be pleased, 23% wouldn’t care and only 12% responded that they would be annoyed.

As for me, an appliance garage would soothe my hatred of cords — though it might cause some marital strife as Ken always favors function over style. Silly boy!

Seattle-style-hot-dog, cream-cheese-hot-dog

Serious Eats

Readers’ responses to cream cheese hot dogs (otherwise known as Seattle Dogs) was divided. 46% of voters say they’ve never tried one, but would like to; 43% claim they have never had one and never will.

When I initially wrote the post about cream cheese hot dogs I planned to try one out. After all, there’s always a hot dog cart outside the sports complex where my kids play soccer on the weekends. Sadly (or happily?) the hot dog guy is now gone, as the gym is trying to get in on the hot dog biz and sell their own. I’m off the hook for now, but I promise to try one the next time I have an opportunity…I think.

Have a great weekend!

Waffler Wrap-up and Recent Poll Results

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Remember when Sarah was having trouble deciding which pictures of her kids to blow up and hang in her living room? Readers loved all of the images, but the top two vote-getters were a pair of the kids looking up (36%) and a pair of them in the foyer (30%).  Here’s what Sarah said about her decision:

Looks like we’re going to go with the pics of the kids in the foyer.  It’s my favorite of my son and the colors seem to fit the best with where we’re placing them. Thanks for all of your input!

yellow-front-door, yellow-door, bold-front-door-colors


With the arrival of spring, I posted a waffle about whether you would ever paint your front door yellow. 45% of voters replied with an enthusiastic ‘Yes!’ 45% would go for yellow if the exterior of their house was different or if they didn’t already love their front door, and only 10% checked off ‘Nope.’ If you didn’t get a chance to vote, what about you — would you paint your front door yellow?

Fire Station 38

When I posted this picture of an old fire station in my neighborhood which is being auctioned off, 86% of voters thought it would be cool to renovate.

I’m on board with the whole reno thing — just imagine those high ceilings — but I’m actually hoping it will be turned into a great restaurant or bookstore. Or maybe a calorie-free dark chocolate shop…

While we’re (okay, while I’m) on the topic of magical foods, when I asked readers whether they would prefer a zero calorie (but nutritionally balanced) snack food, 73% wanted it to be sweet while only 27% choose salty.

Most of you know by now that I would choose dark chocolate in a heartbeat.  And even though it doesn’t have the nutritional value of kale, researches have found that dark chocolate can prevent heart disease, protect your skin and improve your mood (um…no duh!)

Have a great weekend!

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