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Fo’s waffle: Which Celine Bag?

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Fo, the creator or Drawn{2}Style, has a waffle and it’s a good one.  I’ll let her explain:

After a recent visit to NYC, I’ve been dreaming about toting these two Celine handbags and am seriously considering investing in one.  I love both designs and they come in a wide assortment of color combinations.  Plus, they’re both good work bags and can fit paper files, etc.  Which would you choose, the “Trapeze” or “Luggage?”

Here is the Trapeze bag in various colors:

trapeze-bag, celine-trapeze, trapeze-purse


trapeze-bag, trapeze-purse, celine-trapeze


trapeze-bag, celine-trapeze, trapeze-purse


And here is the Luggage tote:

Fo hasn’t decided on the color of bag she wants yet, so lets just judge this one on design — which style bag do you like best?

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M.J.’s Waffle: New Umbrella

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Warm welcomes! I’m M.J. – mom, wife, educator, and designer living in the Midwest. You can usually find me in front of my MacBook Pro or behind the wheel of my minivan (it has a sunroof so somehow I’m still cool) driving my kiddos to and fro.

One month ago my blog was born. Are blogs birthed or do they hatch? I’m not really sure, but I can tell you that this one has definitely been a lengthy labor. And, just like childbirth, I’m going to go ahead and forget all the painful, ungodly details and plow on through to the happy moments.

My web home is Pars Caeli (pars kilee), a piece of Heaven. It’s my HQ for the designs, projects, gifts, and ideas that inspire me and my family. I get my kiddos involved in everything that goes on around here so feel welcome to knock over that full glass of milk or leave the screen door wide open…we’ll still want you to come back over and see us soon!

Recently, my favorite umbrella, given to me by my mother-in-law (who is awesome) broke. It’s a lovely automatic in pink and orange (they’re such fantastic color playmates), and the vintage/photo collage aspect to the print always intrigued me.

But, now I guess I’ll have to make it into a lovely weatherproof clutch. Oh, wait, I have no idea how to do that. (Mom??)

Here are the new umbrellas M.J. is considering.

Option #1 is The Color Wheel umbrella from the MoMA Store:

Color_Wheel_Stick_Umbrella, colorful-umbrella, color-wheel-umbrella

MoMA Store

Option #2 is the Totes’ Clear Bubble Umbrella with Primary Dots:


Option #3 is the Goggles Umbrella from Uncommon Goods:


MJ’s fourth option is a DIY project — a transparent bubble umbrella like the one below that she could craft to make unique:


So what do you think Waffler readers? Which is your favorite umbrella option?

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Adina’s Waffle: Shabby Apple Dress

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Photo by Claire Barrett

Adina has many passions, two of which — traveling and cooking gluten free — she writes about in her terrific blog, Gluten Free Travelette. Her current waffle pertains to her love of traveling and I warn you: it’s going to make you jealous.

Adina explains:

In late August, my hubby and I are headed out on a three plus week long adventure to Iceland, France, and Spain. We’ll be exploring around Reykjavik for 20 hours, attending a wedding at a chateau in Burgundy, and rambling around Northern Spain. Most of our trip will focus on exploring, eating, hiking, and meandering on the beaches. I’m looking for a good versatile & comfortable dress to wear during our travels and instead I’ve found three!

Here are Adina’s options, all from Shabby Apple.  Option #1 is the Champs Elysees:

Champs-Elysees-dress-shabby-apple, pretty-dress, spring-dress

Option #2 is Toe The Line:

Toe-the-line-shabby-apple, pretty-dress, shabby-dresss, shabby-apple-spring-dress

Option #3 is Overboard:

Shabby-apple-overboard, pretty-dress, shabby-apple, shabby-apple-dress, spring-dress

Based on Adina’s coloring and shape – take a quick look back at her picture — which dress do you think she should get for her upcoming travels?

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Keridwyn’s Waffle: New Scarf

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Photo: Liz Tunnell

Keridwyn is a busy girl. Not only does she run her own social media marketing business, but she recently created Seattle Pockets, a blog devoted to sharing cool Seattle events and activities.  And now she needs our help.  Keridwyn loves these fun (and affordable!) scarves from DIDUCI, but is waffling about which color to get.   Here are Keridwyn’s options:


diduci-turquoise-scarf, turquoise-scarf, etsy-scarf, pretty-scarf, inexpensive-scarf, fun-scarf


diduci-white-scarf, scarf, white-scarf, etsy-scarf


green-DIDUCI-scarf, pretty-scarf, pretty-cotton-scarf, etsy-scarf


yellow-DIDUCI-scarf, pretty-scarf, etsy-scarf


Keeping Keridwyn’s coloring in mind, which scarf do you think would suit her best?

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Today’s waffle: blue spring dresses

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Here I go again, jumping the gun. It’s miserable weather here in Seattle, but I’m thinking forward to spring fashion. And what I’m noticing in the fashion world is a lot of blue dresses. Or “Peacock Blue,” Ink,” and “Blueberry” dresses. Call it what you will, there are a lot of deep blue dresses out there for spring.

Here are a sampling of my favorites. Which is yours?

Alegra Dress DVF, blue dress, simple blue dress, lovely blue dress

Alegra Dress, DVF

Rumba-Knit-Dress-Sundance-Catalog, blue-dress, spring-dress

Rumba Knit Dress, Sundance Catalog

U-neck-A-line-dress-Eileen-Fisher, spring-dress, blue-spring-dress

U-neck A-line Dress, Eileen Fisher

Fabiola-dress-J.-Crew, spring-dress, blue-spring-dress

Fabiola Dress, J. Crew

knit-sheath-dress-ann-taylor, spring-dress, blue-spring-dress

Knit Sheath Dress, Ann Taylor

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Today’s no-waffle: fall cardigan update

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You may remember this fall when I shared with you my desire to think outside my usual black cardigan sweater.

knitwear, cardigan, women's clothing, fashion, sweater, fashion dilemma, women's top

In an attempt to try something new, I posted a waffle letting readers vote their favorite cardigan (see it here). This Old Navy Open Front Crochet sweater came in first with 52% of the vote.

I liked it too — but the reviews about its’ ill-fit and baggyness ultimately scared me off.  Well you know me, I’m lightning fast when it comes to making decisions. It only took a mere four months to find another one; this time I actually bought it — PrAna’s Parissa jacket.

Parissa jacket Parna

The large buttons, visible seams and tighter fit are a definite departure for me.  Here I am wearing it over a black dress for a girls’ night out last week.

It’s comfortable, pretty, and versatile so I’m happy with my better-late-than-never purchase. And here’s the funny thing. That dress? I bought it a month or so ago — in a different store — and it’s also by PrAna, their Nadia dress.  It’s cute.  And on sale.  I’m just sayin…

Nadia dress Prana

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Today’s waffle: little red dresses

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Is wearing a red dress on a Valentine’s date chic or cheesy? Personally, I’ll be wearing jeans during my sexy night of taking the kids to soccer practice, but hey, it’s fun to look.  Which of these currently-for-sale little red dresses do you like best?

Diane von Furstenberg’s Kimmie Dress

Diane von Furstenberg Kimmie Dress, red dress, chic red dress, valentine's day dress

How Can You Nantes? Dress by ModCloth

How Can You Nantes? Dress ModCloth, red dress, valentine's day dress, pretty dress, 50s style dress, red 50s style dress, full skirt dress, A-line dress in red

NY Collection’s Short Sleeved Faux Wrap Dress

macy's faux wrap dress, easy wrap dress, red dress, red wrap dress, valentine's day dress

Boden’s Piazza Dress

boden piazza dress. red dress, red boden dress, valentine's day dress, simple red dress, cute red dress

Anthropologie’s Torchon Embossed Ponte Dress

Anthropologie Torchon Embossed Ponte Dress, Anthropologie dress, great red dress, simple red dress, pretty red dress, valentines day dress

J. Crew’s Juliet Dress

J Crew Juliet Dress, red dress, valentines day dress, strapless dress, red bridesmaids dress, lovely red dress, pretty red dress

Or this red pleated chiffon dress by Allen Schwartz

red pleated chiffon dress allen schwartz, valentine's day dress, pretty dress, date night dress

I tried to include a variety of cuts and shapes. Which is your favorite?

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Thai-An’s waffle: keep or return sequined wrap dress

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Any chance that when Shakespeare wrote “all that glitters is not gold” he was talking about a silver sequined wrap dress? No? Well, Thai-An is the current owner of this one by Michael Kors, and she’s trying to decide whether or not it should stay in her closet.

Michael Kors Sequined Wrap Dress, sequin wrap dress, wrap dress, sequin dress, silve dress, age appropriate dress, keep or return sequin dress,

Thai-An explains:

I bought this dress for a black tie birthday party right before Christmas. The dress was great: flattering, comfortable, easy to wear/accessorize. What’s the issue then? Well, I find myself asking how many times will I wear this again and do I really need a one-and-done item in my closet? I don’t really lead a black tie lifestyle even if I do live in Los Angeles now and I am pushing 40. Isn’t there an age limit to sequins? I don’t make it a habit of buying something to wear once and then returning it but if Zappos is going to have a 365 day return policy…What say you Waffler readers – keep or return?

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Jill’s waffle: Hunter Wellies

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A few weeks ago you helped Chessie resolve her riding boot dilemma. Now Jill is questioning whether she bought the right Hunter Wellies.

Jill explains, I decided to invest in a pair of Hunter Wellies.  I live in Chicago and figure I will get a lot of use out of them. I have a pair of “sportier” rubber Ugg boots with a shearling lining, but want the Hunters for a dressier look on those inevitable slushy, cold and snowy Chicago days and nights when my leather and suede boots will be on hiatus. I plan on wearing them during the day — walking the dog, going about my errands. I want to have boots that make me not DREAD the inclement weather outside!

Jill originally bought the  Champery style in Eggplant because she thought it would be a fun color, while still being neutral.

Hunter Wellies Champery Eggplant, Hunter Wellies, Winter boots

But now the Andora ones with the strap are catching her eye.  She likes the Andora style in Gunmetal,

Gunmetal Andora Wellies, Wellies, Boots, Winter boots, Hunter Boots, Women's boots

and Titanium.

Titanium Andora Wellies, Hunter Wellies, Andora Wellies, Winter boots, women's boots

Should Jill stick with Eggplant Champerys or return them and get the Gunmetal or Titanium Andoras?

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My waffle: fall cardigan

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I have a thing for cardigan sweaters, especially black cardigan sweaters. Dress it up, dress it down, perfect for Seattle’s on-again, off-again relationship with the sun, the black cardigan is the workhorse of sweaters. My current black cardigan is a few years old and it’s looking a little sad. Here I am wearing it:

But I’m actually not in the market for another black cardigan. This fall I want something a little more lively, a little less plain Jane.

The model looks terrific in this wrap cardigan, but I wonder if it’s hard to pull off in reality.  

Now this Hoodie Cable Cardigan comes in a color my mother calls a “Molly color.” Something about this shade of blue just makes me happy.  But I’m trying to step out of the box here and try something new.

Nope. Too far out of the box.

I like the simple lines of this heathered bomber cardigan. I know gray is not exactly living on the edge,  but at least it’s not black.

I don’t have any clothes with the word “cropped” in them, so this Favourite Cropped Cardigan in Rosy Melange would be new for me — the color, too.

Favorite Cropped Cardigan, PInk Melange, BodenUS

I have never owned anything crocheted, but I find this Open-Front Crochet Cardigan appealing.

While I’m committed to breaking out of my black cardigan habit, I’m waffling about which one to try. What do YOU think?

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