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Fantasy Waffle: Mudrooms

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mudroom, lovely-mudroom, pretty-mudroom, white-mudroom, gorgeous-mudroom, entryway


What is it about a fabulous mudroom that makes me swoon? I think it’s the illusion of an organized life — I mean if your scarves and winter jacket, kids’ boots, and beach bag have a pretty and tidy area then life must be pretty good, right?

Do mudrooms get you all hot and bothered, too? Take a look at these fabulous images and choose which two most closely match your ideal mudroom.

Do you like this mudroom with the beachy vibe?

beachy-mudroom, blue-and-white-mudroom


Or would you like something more sleek with doors to keep your outerwear hidden?

sleek-mudroom, wood-mudroom, bamboo-mudroom, bench-mudroom, tidy-mudroom

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Do you prefer crisp and white?


Castro Design Studio

Or maybe something more colorful?

orange-mud-room, house-beautiful, bright-cheerful-mudroom

House Beautiful

Would some pretty wallpaper and an upholstered bench do the trick?

pretty-mudroom, wallpaper-mudroom, bench-mudroom, soft-romantic-mudroom, BHG-mudroom


Maybe you like the idea of having chalkboards handy for important reminders.

chalkboards-mudroom, great-mudroom

Knowles ps

Or would you rather it was closer to the washer and dryer?

mudroom-near-washer-dryer, BHG


Or do you just want something really, really big?

huge-mudroom, light-filled-mudroom, big-mudroom, windows-mudroom, great-mudroom

Catherine's Creative Corner

Because there are so many great images here, you can vote for you top two favorites.

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Fantasy waffle: sweet or salty?

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I was a very picky eater as a child. Okay, I was a very picky eater as a teenager, too. And as a college student. Let’s just say I was 23 the first time I tried mustard.

When I was younger my parents and I had many battles over food. I remember stomping off to my bedroom, flopping down on my bed and thinking, Why can’t broccoli just taste like chocolate? In my grand scheme, the broccoli’s nutritional benefits were retained — it just tasted like my favorite snack food.

So here’s today’s fantasy:  For one year the snack of your choice has zero calories and the nutritional value of kale. Would that magical snack be sweet…

plate of cookies

or salty?

bowl of chips

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Fantasy Waffle: Spring Cleaning vs. Spring Break

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I’m posting a fantasy waffle in honor of the beginning of spring. This one is a choice between the practical and the pleasurable.


Option 1 is a free, thorough spring cleaning of your house or apartment. Refrigerator coils will be dusted, pillows will be washed, window screens scrubbed, upholstery vacuumed — all those annoying jobs you never do, but know you really should. After this exhaustive cleaning no dust bunny will be left standing.

Option 2 is a free spring break vacation somewhere absolutely fabulous and totally relaxing. Let’s say 3 days and 2 nights.

So what do you think? Would you like to escape the drudgery of spring cleaning…or just escape to the beach?

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Today’s waffle: Modern Family house vs. Up All Night house

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The ABC show, Modern Family, has received many accolades, as well it should: it’s pretty hilarious. I’ve recently caught a few episodes of Up All Night, the NBC comedy with Christina Appelgate and Will Arnett. It’s not as consistently funny as Modern Family, but I think it has potential.

But here’s the real question: which house (okay, set) do you like the best?

There are actually three houses to choose from on Modern Family, but for this waffle I’ve selected Phil and Claire Dunphy’s house (Phil is played by Ty Burrell and Claire is played by Julie Bowen). The designers seem to be going for a cozy, lived-in, Pottery Barn inspired look.

Here’s the Dunphey’s foyer.  The blue color on the stairs is Benjamin Moore’s Blue Labrador — now a very popular paint color.

Dunphy Home Modern Family, Modern Family foyer


The kitchen comes with a paneled refrigerator, what looks like black granite countertops, and plenty of wine storage.


Modern Family dining room

The living room has a comfortable vibe with lots of stripes and textures going on.

Modern Family living room



Here’s the master bedroom. I’m positive those sheets come from Pottery Barn because I almost bought them last year.

Modern Family bedroom

Modern Family bedroom

Here’s the bedroom shared by the Dunphy girls. Again, lots of color and pattern.

If the Dunphy house gets its’ design sense from Pottery Barn, then the Up All Night house is a mixture of Ikea and Room and Board — kind of a modern, retro, eclectic feel with lots of baby gear thrown in. The show follows Reagan — a producer for an Oprah-like talk show whose host is played by Maya Rudolph — and Christopher, a stay-at-home dad.

Here are a few shots of the kitchen. Those translucent cabinet doors mixed with open shelving make this room feel more contemporary.

Up All Night kitchen

Up All Night kitchen

Up All Night kitchen
Here’s the only shot I could find that shows a bit of a dining area.

The living room couch and large vertical tiles surrounding the fireplace lend a retro feel to the living room.

up all night living room

The master bedroom has a soft but tailored look.

Up all night bedroom

And finally the bathroom: lots of white tile and clean lines.

up all night bathroom

So what do you think? Which tv set best suits your own design tastes?

Sources for photos: the wonderful blog HookedonHouses, The LA Times, casasugar, and Reckless Bliss.

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Real estate waffle: Scottsdale, AZ homes

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Last month we were all set to visit my sister-in-law in Arizona for a mini family reunion.


Unfortunately, Seattle had it’s annual bizarro snow storm that week and our flight was cancelled.  So when my S-I-L requested a real estate waffle for her hometown of Scottsdale I got right to work — hey, if I can’t scope out the houses there in person the second best thing is to do some on-line snooping.

First up is a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath new build listed for $3,195,00.

Sottsdale, AZ house

This house boasts an exercise/sauna room, 3+ fireplaces, and what looks to be a pretty awesome kitchen and living room.

Scottsdale, AZ house kitchen, silver pendants, kitchen pendants, stainless kitchen pendants, shiny pendants, white kitchen

lovely living room, living room off kitchen, staged living room, living room Arizona

It has lovely patios,

Scottsdale Arizona House, patio, beautiful patio, lovely outdoor living room

a pool off the main living area

patio, beautiful patio, lovely outdoor living room, pool, scorrsdale, AZ house

and great master bedroom and bath.

Scottsdale, AZ house, gallery wall, great gallery wall, gallery wall with white frames

lovely bathroom, white bathroom, neutral bathroom, double sinks bathroom, white cabinets bathroom

Or maybe your tastes run more modern. How about this 4 bedroom, 5 bath contemporary listed for $3,800,000?  It has a sleek kitchen,

scottsdale az kitchen, red kitchen, modern kitchen, granite countertops, sleek kitchen

scottsdale az kitchen, red kitchen, modern kitchen, granite countertops, sleek kitchen

lots of glass and open spaces,

scottsdale, az house living room, modern living room, glass living room, amazing view living room, scottsdale living room views, modern living room with view

Scottsdale Arizona house dining room, dining room with view, glass window dining room, beautiful view dining room

a bathroom with double showers and a cool tub off a private patio,

scottsdale Arizona house, modern bathroom, amazing tub, bathroom with view, bathroom private terrace, double showers

and some spectacular outdoor areas.

Scottsdale Arizona pool, modern pool, large modern pool, pool contemporary house

scottsdale arizona pool

scottsdale arizona house patio, patio with views, nighttime view patio, arizona views, beautiful patio views

Or would you prefer this “Tuscan inspired” 4 bedroom, 6 bathroom house listed for $3,450,000?

Scottsdale arizona house

It has a ginormous kitchen,

scottsdale arizona house

beamed ceilings,

scottsdale arizona house

scottsdale arizona house

both a game and a media room,

scottsdale arizona house, game room

scottsdale arizona house, media room

and lots of outdoor space.

scottsdale arizona house, patio

scottsdale arizona house, patio and pool

So if the cost and location of the house were not factors, which one would you choose?

And while we’re on the topic of real estate…If you’re a Pinterest member, come on over to the SoHo Loft Project board. We’ve got a great group of bloggers and pinners adding items we love to make this space come alive.

SoHo loft, brick wall soho loft, open loft space, unfurnished living room, pinterest party, pin party

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Fantasy waffle: 2.5 million dollar Boston area homes

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Oh, if only my parents had bought me real estate for my childhood birthdays instead of books and dolls. Let’s just say that if you bought real estate 30 years ago in the Boston area, right now you’d be sitting pretty.  And speaking of pretty, check out these houses.  Which one would you choose if money and location were not a consideration?

First up is a 6 bedroom, 4.5 bath house in Brookline, MA. Built in 1900, it is listed for $2,750,000.

Brookline MA house, beautiful house, beautiful old house, new england house, great woodwork house, brookline ma listing, brookline house 6 bedrooms

This house boasts covered porches,

covered porch brookline MA house, arches, covered porch, beautiful stonework

an updated kitchen,

updated kitchen Brookline MA house

Six — yes six — fireplaces,

Dining room Brookline MA house, grand dining room, big fireplace, historic dining room, red dining room

lots of marble,

bathroom brookline ma house, marble bathroom, blue bathroom, claw foot tub

amazing woodwork,

hall brookline ma house, woodwork in hall, dark woodwork, grand hall

all on 1/2 an acre.

backyard brookline ma house

Next up is another 6 bedroom, 6.5 bath house. This new build is in Newton, MA and is listed for $2,598,000.

newton ma Redfin listing, new build, new construction, modern house newton ma

It has large windows,

newton ma redfin house, entry way, large windows in entryway, modern house newton ma

a sleek kitchen,

newton ma redfin listing, white kitchen black granite countertops, beautiful kitchen, large windows in kitchen

newton ma redfin listing, white kitchen black granite countertops, beautiful kitchen kitchen newton ma

an open floor plan,

newton ma redfin listing, open floor concept, kitchen living room combination, beautiful living room kitchen

lots of eco-friendly features like solar hot-water,

newton ma redfin listing, master bedroom, pretty master bedroom, upholstered headboard

lovely bathrooms,

newton ma redfin listing, bathroom with marble, double sinked bathroom, big mirror bathroom

and a big backyard.

redfin listing newton ma, backyard, modern deck, modern railings deck

Last up is 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath penthouse in Back Bay — prime downtown location — listed for $2,650,000.

back bay penthouse

It has direct elevator access to a formal entry,

back bay penthouse

granite counters and stainless steel appliances,

back bay penthouse

city views from the master,

back bay penthouse

marble bath,

back bay penthouse, marble bath

and an amazing rooftop terrace with custom lightning, speakers and built-in granite grilling station.

back bay penthouse, roof terrace

back bay penthouse, roof terrace

So what do you think? Would you chose the historic house, the high-tech new build, or the penthouse in Boston?

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Fantasy waffle: free monthly indulgence

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I’m not an especially big fan of Valentine’s Day, but all of the heart-day hype has got me thinking about favorite indulgences. Let’s say a magical fairy comes to your door and offers you a year’s worth of monthly pampering — free of charge with amazing results guaranteed.  Would you choose:

A monthly mani/pedi

manicure pedicure

A monthly massage


A monthly haircut/blow-out

blow out, hair cut

Or for pampering of a different kind, a monthly lunch with your best friends

lunch, picnic, lunch with girlfriends, lovely picnic

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Real estate waffle: million dollar Seattle houses

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I’m a total real estate junkie, so researching this post was a lot of fun.  I decided to start this new “real estate waffling” series in my adopted city of Seattle, where many are willing to pay a premium for a water view.  If money and location didn’t factor into the decision, which one of these houses would you like to call home?

We start with a 3 bedroom, 1.75 bath house on Salmon Bay, currently listed for $1,075,000.

salmon bay house, seattle

And when I say Salmon Bay, I mean it’s on Salmon Bay.

salmon bay house, seattle

salmon bay house, seattle

It has a renovated kitchen,

salmon bay house, seattle

views from the master

salmon bay house, seattle

and lots of built-ins.

salmon bay house, seattle

From Salmon Bay, we move to a 3 bedroom, 3.25 bath house in Portage Bay, listed at $1,150,000. This colonial style house is considerably larger, but does not offer the same water access.

portage bay house seattle

The views are still pretty great, though.
portage bay house seattle

portage bay house seattle

This house has a lovely fireplace and period charm,

portage bay house seattle

portage bay seattle house
lots of large windows,
portage bay house seattle

and a big master bathroom.

portage bay house seattle

Last up is a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath modern house in West Seattle going for $1,099,000.

West Seattle house with view

Again we have some killer views,

West Seattle house with view

West Seattle house with view

an open kitchen,

West Seattle house with view

modern master bathroom,

West Seattle house with view

and plenty of living space.

West Seattle house with view

West Seattle house with view

So what are your thoughts? Would you choose the house with water access, period charm, or a modern aesthetic?

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PS — I didn’t get payed or perked for this waffle; I just enjoy the virtual house hunt.

My neighbor’s waffle: new trench coat

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When buying an article of clothing in a bright shade, how do you determine the line between a fun color and a fun-house color?  My Wonderful Neighbor (WN) has finally found a trench coat that fits her well, but she’s not sure if she can handle the color it comes in.

Pink Trench Banana Republic, colorful coat, pink coat, pink jacket, trench coat, should I buy a pink trench coat, best trench coat colors

WN explains:

I’ve always wanted a trenchcoat but have never been able to find one petite enough. Usually the huge lapels and flaps overwhelm my small frame.  Now Banana Republic has 2 styles in their petite collection that actually do look, dare I say, good on me.  The Pink Trench in particular fits me really well and looks simple and smart but (it’s a big but) it’s bright pink.  The color is just not me at all – I feel as though I look like I’ve raided my four-year-old’s closet.  I love the style and it fits great but I’m not sure I can live with the color.

classic trench banana republic, trench coat, khaki coat, khaki trench coat, petite trench coat

WN has come up with a second option: the Classic Trench.

The fit and proportions of this coat are okay on me, but it’s longer and seems like a heavier look (less ‘spring’) than the pink trench. Maybe a bit staid looking.  I wouldn’t hesitate over the color but don’t love the look of it.

WN is wondering if she should get one of the above coats or wait – and hope they bring out a more muted version of the pink one.

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Fantasy waffle: home offices

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My current office is our kitchen counter, so I’ve recently been doing a lot of daydreaming about home offices. What about you? Would your fantasy office…

Have lots of light?

light and bright office, big windows in office, home office, lovely office, pretty office windows

Include pops of bright color?

modern bright office. pink and yellow pops of color, pink and yellow modern office, modern office, bold colors office
Have a clean, fresh look?

clean fresh office

Also work as a living room?

living room/home office, office with big windows, office with extra seating, beautiful home office, built-ins behind desk

Be cozy and tucked away?

glam office, white office, office nook, dressing room, light and bright dressing room

Have a ton of storage and room to spread out?

office with storage, lot of storage big desk, modern office, modern rustic office

Include room for two?

office room for two, great built ins office, two chairs office, light green office, sage office, white shelving office

Or just offer a great view?

office with ocean view, House Beautiful stylish office, office with view of sea

For this poll you can select two of your favorites.

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