About waffles

A quick note about word usage: I use the word “waffle” here as a noun.  I know, I know, waffle already IS a noun — those delicious round things we drizzle syrup on — but I use the word waffle interchangeably with ‘style dilemma,’  as in “I am having a huge waffle over which of these shirts to get my husband for his birthday.” Note to self:  Ken does not care which shirt I choose because a) he is color blind and b) he cares less about fashion than a pet turtle.

I have several friends and family members who have held my hand during my waffles — the sofa in green velvet or a taupe-colored twill? Strappy silver sandals or black flats for the wedding in San Francisco? — but I worry that I am over-taxing my loved ones with my waffling.  Because yes, I realize my indecisions are a luxury, a first-world problem, an indulgent activity.  But I also realize escapism can be fun.  And when it comes right down to it, I do care about my aesthetic environment and I do want to buy things I love, even though I have lots of  trouble choosing between them.

So take this website with a grain of salt and have fun.  Vote on any of the waffles you have an opinion on, and send me any of your own by clicking on the button below.