About me

Waffler:     Someone who is indecisive, has trouble making up her mind.

Yep, that’s me.  I’m a waffler.  At least I am when I have to make a decision about buying  furniture.  Or shoes.  Or a housewarming gift.  Don’t get me wrong,  I do have strong opinions about lots of things:  books, politics, my husband and kids, dark chocolate vs. milk chocoate (dark), whether the toilet paper should hang over or under (over).  But when it comes to choosing paint colors, deciding on a sofa, or purchasing the dreaded summer swimsuit, I’m quite the waffler.

You see, it’s not that I can’t find things I like, the problem is that I find too many things I like.  When I look at Martha Stewarty cottage-style furniture, I think “oh, how happy and light, that’s how I should decorate my basement.”  Then  I read a magazine like Dwell and I say to myself  “exactly. Modern minimalism is the way to go.”  Shoe shopping is even worse.  Faced with a store of pretty shoes, I panic: chic, black and possibly torture for my feet, or solid, comfortable, and a little homely?  Or maybe tall boots with skinny jeans?  Can I pull off tall boots?  What am I thinking, I can’t pull of skinny jeans!  Maybe a pair of ballet flats?

You get the point.   I waffle.  Hello, my name is Molly and I am a waffler.

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