Stacey’s Waffle, Part 2: West Elm Swirl Rug

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Last week I posted a waffle for Stacey (you can read it here), who was wondering whether $2300 was too much to pay for this Surya Harlequin rug (she photoshopped it into a picture of her living room).

Based on the feedback she received, Stacey has decided that the Surya is indeed too expensive.  Now she has found a West Elm rug that she thinks might do the trick. Here she is to explain:

Thanks for all your input on the Surya Harlequin rug. I have found another rug that I like –  the Lourdes Sanchez Swirl Rug —  but I am not familiar with West Elm or the quality of their products. It is $679 for a 9×12 as compared to $2000 for the Surya one. It’s clearly more casual, which I’m okay with, but do y’all recommend West Elm rugs? Is the quality good even though the price is great? Thanks!

Here are some pics of the Swirl Rug:


West Elm


West Elm

So what do you think, Waffler readers? Can anyone speak to the quality of West Elm rugs? And what do you think of the style?

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  1. Hmm. If you’re still looking for something, I have always had great results (as well as my family) with They carry Brand Name-Designer pieces with a 30 day Return Policy.

    I actually did a post about them on my blog, which you are more than welcome to check out. 🙂
    I’ve never considered a Swirl rug, but have to say that I will be thinking about that style as I move into my townhouse. 🙂



  2. West Elm rugs will not last you a lifetime, but it often does the trick. I bought one myself recently and stylistically, I’m pleased, but it’s not that super soft pile you expect from high quality rugs. If you like the style, colors, etc., go for it and save up for your dream rug!

  3. I recently bought the WE bullseye rug and have been very happy with the quality. Other cheap (and not so cheap) rugs have been very, umm, linty? Not this one. So far, so good!