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There are a lot of area rugs available for sale on the web.  I mean a lot of area rugs.  I know this because a few years ago I spent so much time searching on-line for the perfect rug that I thought my eyes would start bleeding.  So I’m really feeling for Stacey. She’s finally found a great area rug — see the pic above — but it’s pricey.

I’ll let Stacey fill you in on the details:

Here’s a photoshop mockup of my current living room.  The couch, loveseat and tables will be replaced by the Thomasville Highlife 3 seat sofa in navy, two chairs similar to the one photoshopped in there but maybe more yellow or a gray one, and there will be new tables.

The dilemma is the rug. I really like it but do y’all think $2300ish is too much to pay for a 9 x 12 area rug?

What do you think Waffler readers? Lots of people expect to invest a hunk of change in a couch…what about a rug?

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  1. That is a really pricey rug! It’s beautiful but I gotta agree with Kelly. I guess for me spending that much money on a rug would be a total waste since I redecorate sooo much. But if you really love it then go for it 🙂

  2. Oh boy, this is a tough one. I too know the struggle with picking a rug, but in my opinion, this one is too expensive. To pay that much for a rug that has a distinct pattern like this one is risky, because a couple years down the road you could very well be tired of it and want to change it up. When making investment purchases I always stick to neutral colours that will go with any colour scheme I change a room to be. If going for a pattern, which is nice in this room, I’d go cheap like IKEA, because then it won’t matter so much when you are sick of it. Just my humble two cents worth.

    • Thanks so much! If the rug was under $1000 I think it would be an easy decision, but it’s hand-tufted, not hand-knotted and is over $2000 at my local furniture store.