Waffler wrap-up and recent poll results

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Remember how Janette from The2Seasons was waffling about whether or not to paint the armoire in her mudroom?

armoire, armoire-in-mudroom


57% of readers thought Janette should paint it, while 43% encouraged her to keep it as is. And what did Janette decide to do? Here she with the answer:

Thanks to everyone who voted on my waffle. I am going to make the armoire the best of both worlds. I will leave the exterior unpainted, but I am going to add some additional shelves to the inside and paint it a soft gray with some hints of blue. It will keep its traditional look on the outside but have a pop of color to give a new and fresh look inside.

When Rayna’s husband purchased this chicken coop she was thrilled…about the fresh eggs, that is.  The chicken coop, not so much.

chicken-coop, prefab-chicken-coop

Rayna’s predicament prompted me to post a waffle asking voters to choose their favorite coop from a variety of different styles.  The clear winner was this cottage-y coop, which received 44% of the votes.

chicken-coop, cottage-style-chicken-coop

Heather Bullard

This modern, clean-lined coop (which even has a skylight) received 26%.

chicken-coop, modern-chicken-coop, DIY-chicken-coop

The Art of Doing Stuff

And Rayna’s favorite? This modern cube only received 12%. (It was my favorite, too, Rayna!)

coop-dreams-exterior-portrait, modern-chicken-coop


This last waffle was inspired by another friend. Marie was giving a dinner party and wondered whether or not to ask people to take off their shoes after entering the house.

47% of readers find the shoes-off request to be totally acceptable, while 28% find it a bit annoying, and 15% have never been asked. If you didn’t get a chance to weigh in, what are your feelings about being asked to take off your shoes?

Have a great weekend!

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