Waffler Wrap-up and Recent Poll Results

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Remember Jameson from the wine blog Jameson Fink? He was wondering which of these wine labels most tickled your design fancy.


Domaine Pouillon

Supernatural-Sauvignon-Blanc, And-Co

And Co

The results were close. 53% of voters chose the Domaine Pouillon while 47% preferred the And Co label. And Jameson’s choice? Here he is with an explanation:

It’s not easy to choose between a wine label with sizzle (And Co.) and one with sentiment (Domaine Pouillon). I happen to like a little bit of both on my wine labels and in my life. I was happy to see such a close vote as I think it speaks to the originality of both contenders. But the reason I put it to a vote was to help make a decision, so I’m going with the Domaine Pouillon. The people have spoken, and they (slightly) prefer the confluence of coffee and wine rendered in such a charming manner. The most important thing to remember, however, is both wines are delicious and highly recommended!

gray-kitchen, classic-kitchen-gray

Traditional Home

While we’re on the topic of coffee (gray and coffee are related if you live in Seattle like I do) I posted a waffle a few weeks ago about gray kitchens. It turns out a high number of voters are enthusiasts of the gray look: 63% of voters said they were fans while 20% dislike them and 17% can take them or leave them.  Personally, I’m a fan providing some pops of color to balance the gray.  Which is a good segue to my next waffle update…

kitchen counter stools

I couldn’t decide whether to keep the above counter stools in my kitchen (pro: the blue provides a nice pop of color, con: the metal legs gauge into the wood counter supports) or trade them out for the West Elm’s Klismos Stools as seen on the left in the picture below (pro: great lines, con: too much dark wood).

west-elm-klismos-stool, counter-stool, brown-counter-stool, chocolate-brown-counter-stool, west-elm-counter-stool

25% of voters encouraged me to keep the Klismos stools, 30% wanted me to stick with the blue stools and 45% thought I should find something new. Well, I returned the Klimos stools — while I loved the look, I ultimately think I need to break up the dark wood tones — but I’ve been having trouble finding an alternative. I tried these Spin stools from Crate and Barrel

SpinBarstools, crateandbarrel-spin-stools, crateandbarrel-stools

Crate and Barrel

and these Delta stools, also from C & B:

DeltaBartsools, deltabarstools-crateandbarrel, crateandbarrel-stools

Crate and Barrel

But they both looked terrible.  Terrible!  I thought the aluminum would work nicely with our stainless steel appliances, but it was a clear no-go.  Even Ken — king of “anything that’s functional is fine” was shaking his head.  So the search will continue. And if you have any epiphanies about what stool I should get — because I’m sure that’s what your next epiphany will be about — let me know.

Have a great weekend!

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