Janette’s Waffle: Painting the Armoire

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How would you feel about co-writing a blog with a family member? Do some of you think it would be a fun way to keep in touch? It’s obvious from their picture that the mother and daughter duo behind the great blog, The2Seasons, enjoy each other.

Janette — the mom in this team — has a waffle regarding her mudroom.  As you know from my fantasy mudroom post, this area of the house is a real turn-on for me so I was happy to help out.  Here’s Janette describing her dilemma:

My waffle is that I have this huge, wonderful armoire in our mudroom, and I store my shoes in it (we wear slippers in the house and store our shoes in the mudroom). It is mahogany with burled insets in the front. I have thought about painting it but haven’t had the nerve. I would love a vote from your readers.

Here’s Janette’s mudroom:

mudroom, armoire-in-mudroom


mudroom, armoire-in-mudroom


And the armoire in question:

armoire, armoire-in-mudroom


If Janette paints it, she is thinking a soft gray with a white glaze to match the gray in the rug. Do you think she should go for it — or keep the armoire as is?

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2 responses

  1. This is always a tough one but I think it needs to be painted to make it fit a contemporary home. I agree with cecilia in that a sisal would be nice here, but either way, I’d love to see a very soft misty gray on the arrmoire.

  2. First off, I do think Janette should paint the armoire (but my reasoning is not due to matching the striped rug). Honestly, I think the striped runners fight with the pattern of the brick tile, and think a sisal runner (or 2) would make the space more cohesive. (It looks like Janette is trying to ignore the brick flooring rather than embrace it). If she changes the rugs, then she could actually leave the armoire as is. However, I do feel like there’s a lot of white in the mudroom (with the trim, the french doors, the benches and paned mirrors) which is why I’m voting for painting the armoire.