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chicken-coop, prefab-chicken-coop

Question: if you hear a truck drive up to your house and the doorbell rings, what goes through your mind if your husband says, “Oh, it’s finally here!”?

If you’re my friend, Rayna, your list of possibilities does not include a chicken coop. But a month or so ago, that’s exactly what arrived at her house. See Rayna’s husband wants to start eating fresh eggs. And Rayna can get on board with that, really she can. What she’s having a bit more trouble with is the current chicken coop’s lack of, er…charm.

Even though she probably is not going to upgrade any time soon, Rayna’s predicament got me thinking about what kind of fancy chicken coops exist out there. In the age of Houzz and Pinterest I knew I could find some good ones. Here are some of the best — which one would you choose for yourself?

This cottage-style coop created by Heather Bullard?

chicken-coop, cottage-style-chicken-coop

Heather Bullard

This egg shaped chicken coop by Nogg?

nogg-chicken-coop, modern-chicken-coop


The space efficient — and eco-friendly — Omlet Eglu Classic?

omlet-eglu-classic, chicken-coop, modern-chicken-coop


This clean-lined coop made by Karen from The Art of Doing Stuff (PS — it has a skylight)

chicken-coop, modern-chicken-coop, DIY-chicken-coop

The Art of Doing Stuff

Or this modern cube by Mitchell Snyder Architecture?

coop-dreams-exterior-portrait, modern-chicken-coop


After seeing the plethora of chicken coops out there, I wouldn’t be surprised if HGTV puts on a new design show about them. Just think of how many bad puns they could come up with for the name of such a show…Feathering Your Nest…Chic(K) Coops…Home to Roost…

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9 responses

  1. kellybernierdesigns

    That cottage style coop is pretty darn nice looking for a bird!

  2. Oh I really really want fresh eggs near my backyard….would it be weird if I bought my neighbors a chicken coop?? 🙂

  3. Love the modern version! My bro has a coop that he built like a cute little miniature cottage. Very cool. He and my sister-in-law love the eggs; the kids love the chickens; I love the coop! 🙂

  4. i had no idea there were so many options. i kinda like the modern one, but the egg shaped one made me smile.

  5. How cool are these chicken coops. Can I move in? Ha! I voted for cleaned line but I really adore the cottage style by Heather… wow