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A few weeks ago, Keridwyn was having trouble deciding between a turquoise, yellow, green, and white DIDUCI scarf.



Voters #1 choice was the green scarf, which came in with 43% of the vote, followed by the turquoise with 29%, the yellow with 24% and the white with only 5%.  What did Keridwyn decide? Here she is with the answer:

I’ve decided to buy two scarves – the turquoise and the yellow. I know the green was the people’s choice winner, but given my wardrobe, the other two really go with more that I own…plus the more I look at the images, the more I like the bright colors that really popped! Thanks to everyone who voted!

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Better Homes and Garden

It seems like most Waffler readers are fans of the appliance garage. When I polled readers about whether they would be thrilled or annoyed if they moved into a house with one, 65% said they would be pleased, 23% wouldn’t care and only 12% responded that they would be annoyed.

As for me, an appliance garage would soothe my hatred of cords — though it might cause some marital strife as Ken always favors function over style. Silly boy!

Seattle-style-hot-dog, cream-cheese-hot-dog

Serious Eats

Readers’ responses to cream cheese hot dogs (otherwise known as Seattle Dogs) was divided. 46% of voters say they’ve never tried one, but would like to; 43% claim they have never had one and never will.

When I initially wrote the post about cream cheese hot dogs I planned to try one out. After all, there’s always a hot dog cart outside the sports complex where my kids play soccer on the weekends. Sadly (or happily?) the hot dog guy is now gone, as the gym is trying to get in on the hot dog biz and sell their own. I’m off the hook for now, but I promise to try one the next time I have an opportunity…I think.

Have a great weekend!


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