My Waffle: West Elm Counter Stools, Part 2

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If you’re looking at this picture of my kitchen and having deja vu, it’s okay: you’ve seen it before. A few months ago I was waffling about whether to replace my current craigslist counter stools. I actually like these stools and the pop of color they provide. On the other hand, I’m not a big fan of how they bang into the wooden counter supports and make it looks like a beaver went to town on them.

counter stool gouged wood

When I posted a waffle about whether I should purchase these West Elm Klismos Counter Stools 83% of voters encouraged me to try them out.

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With a hopeful heart I drove to Seattle’s brand spanking new West Elm store. Bad news: the store only carries the taller bar stools and the counter stools would take 6 weeks to arrive. Good news: the counter stools were on sale. Bad news: when they arrived a few days ago and we put them together, one of the stools was defective. Good news: West Elm will pick up the defective stool and drop off a new one, free of charge.

Here’s the Klismos stool on the left and our old metal and blue leather one on the right:

west-elm-klismos-stool, counter-stool, brown-counter-stool, chocolate-brown-counter-stool, west-elm-counter-stool

So are you waiting for the actual waffle? Well, here’s the thing: I think the Klismos stools might just be too darn dark. I love their simple and elegant shape, but I’m worried that they just push the dark wood tones quota over the limit.

But what do you think? Are you pro-Klismos or pro-blue or pro-something-totally-new?

Psst — if you’re pro-something-totally-new, this is what the rest of the kitchen area looks like so you know what you’re dealing with in terms of an overall look:

family-room, blue-rug-family-room

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5 responses

  1. Usually I love and thrive on contrast…but your kitchen is so ultra modern and swanky cool! I kinda dig the blend-in look of the klismos!

  2. Beautiful Kitchen Molly! I really like the blue stools, it adds a perfect pop of color 🙂

  3. Hi Molly. Since you like a pop of color, how about some stools painted the shade of blue that you like? You could paint just the top or just the legs. And if you’re trying to save money, you could pick up some inexpensive wooden ones at Walmart.