Fantasy Waffle: Mudrooms

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What is it about a fabulous mudroom that makes me swoon? I think it’s the illusion of an organized life — I mean if your scarves and winter jacket, kids’ boots, and beach bag have a pretty and tidy area then life must be pretty good, right?

Do mudrooms get you all hot and bothered, too? Take a look at these fabulous images and choose which two most closely match your ideal mudroom.

Do you like this mudroom with the beachy vibe?

beachy-mudroom, blue-and-white-mudroom


Or would you like something more sleek with doors to keep your outerwear hidden?

sleek-mudroom, wood-mudroom, bamboo-mudroom, bench-mudroom, tidy-mudroom

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Do you prefer crisp and white?


Castro Design Studio

Or maybe something more colorful?

orange-mud-room, house-beautiful, bright-cheerful-mudroom

House Beautiful

Would some pretty wallpaper and an upholstered bench do the trick?

pretty-mudroom, wallpaper-mudroom, bench-mudroom, soft-romantic-mudroom, BHG-mudroom


Maybe you like the idea of having chalkboards handy for important reminders.

chalkboards-mudroom, great-mudroom

Knowles ps

Or would you rather it was closer to the washer and dryer?

mudroom-near-washer-dryer, BHG


Or do you just want something really, really big?

huge-mudroom, light-filled-mudroom, big-mudroom, windows-mudroom, great-mudroom

Catherine's Creative Corner

Because there are so many great images here, you can vote for you top two favorites.

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8 responses

  1. kellybernierdesigns

    Loved all of your pictures Molly! I really like taking a poll vote! Makes me really look instead of just skimming over the pictures. Great job!

  2. This is a great waffle! I would love to have a mudroom, but alas, I have no space for one. I sure do have lots of fun voting on all of your waffles!

  3. I love all of them. Just put me down for each one of them 🙂 But I am loving that crisp and white although I don’t know how well that would do with 2 boys.

  4. Love mudrooms! One of my favorite activities on my evening walk with the dog is admiring the mudrooms in the Phinney Ridge area!

  5. I love it when you have a poll on your post. It’s fun!
    Have a good Tuesday!