Today’s No-Waffle: Turrets

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Unless you’re a Disney princess locked up in one, who doesn’t love a nice turret?



I took these pictures while taking a walk around Cambridge, Massachusetts on my quick visit there a few weeks ago.



If I could afford it, I’d snap up this last house in a heartbeat. Totally amazing turret.


What would do with a turret if you had one? Let the kids have it for an awesome playroom? Fill it with books and turn it into a library? Buy a fancy telescope and make it into an observatory? Or perhaps just stick a “keep out” sign on the door and make it your own private retreat…

Go ahead and pin these images to your Pinterest boards if you like: I grant thee my permission.

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3 responses

  1. It’s my dream to have a house with a turret one day!

  2. Michelle Feder

    LOVE the turrets. Sadly, they are out of sync with Pac-NW-Millennial-Midcentury-Modern. But. A girl can dream…

  3. turrets are great places to write books!