Waffler Wrap-up and Recent Poll Results

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Remember how Kelly from Refreshed Designs was waffling about whether or not to paint the inside of this Ikea Billy bookcase?

black-brown-billy-bookcase, ikea-billy-bookcase, wallpaper-bookcase, DIY-wallpaper-bookcase, wallpaper-on-billy-bookcase

60% of voters encouraged Kelly to paint the inside of the cubbies, while 40% wanted her to leave them as is. Here’s what Kelly says she plans to do:

I have decided, because of the close vote and because of laziness, not to paint the shelves for now. My motto is keep it simple, so I think the all-one-color will stay for a while.

This was what my sister’s basement looked like a few weeks ago when she was waffling about what color to paint the back wall.

painting-a-basement, choosing-a-paint-color, good-color-for-basement, orange-basement

51% of readers thought Jessie should choose a color in the blue family while 24% favored an orange. So which color did she end up with?


As you can see, she went with a bold orange — Benjamin Moore’s Jeweled Peach, to be exact. Here’s what Jessie has to say about why she chose it:

I did the orange because I was bullied into it by my daughter and a friend who kept pestering me about “warm colors” in the damp and chilly basement. I loathed it for the first few days but it is growing on me, and my husband likes it too. Now I just have to get the flooring down and order the couch!

What do you think of the orange?

stenciled-stairs, blue-stenciled-stairs

Arte Styling

If Waffler readers are any indication, I bet we’ll be seeing more stenciled stairs in the world of design. When I asked readers about this trend, 80% said they like it while only 10% claimed they did not.

When I posted a fantasy waffle about whether you would prefer a free spring-cleaning or a free spring break vacation, the votes were close. 55% chose the free spring-cleaning option while 45% chose a free spring break.

I guess waffler readers are a practical bunch…either that or you just really hate to clean.

What are you waffling about these days? I’d love to know!

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  1. Love how the orange turned out. It’s a great pick-me-up for Spring. Happy Easter!

  2. I think the orange looks good! And I also like the stenciled stairs. I hadn’t seen that trend yet until you mentioned, : ) Have a great weekend