Today’s Waffle: Cream Cheese Hot Dogs

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Seattle-style-hot-dog, cream-cheese-hot-dog

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Someone recently told me that I can’t consider myself a “true Seattlite” until I’ve eaten a Seattle-style hot dog, otherwise known as a hot dog topped with cream cheese. I had never heard of this combo, but a quick visit to Wikipedia revealed that there is indeed such a thing as a Seattle Dog.  And here I was thinking that driving a Subaru and becoming addicted to coffee made me part of the club.

What about you? Does cream cheese on a hot dog seem like it might be a good idea — or a good idea to avoid?  Fans rave that this specialty is particularly good after a night of drinking…

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7 responses

  1. I’ve lived in Seattle 12+ years, and I haven’t heard of this. I don’t think this is something I would try…unless it’s outside the Showbox late after a concert, then you never know :).

  2. I love hot dogs so I would be sure to give it a try. Though I have never seen one like this. Why not try it once!

  3. Um, yah. I’m not so sure about this Seattle dog thing. I’ve been here just about 2 years now and I think getting drenched walking to and from the farmers market is good enough. 🙂

  4. They don’t look too bad so I’d definitely try one but maybe not after a night of drinking. Something about alchohol and drinking that doesn’t seem right. Here in Vancouver we have Japadog which is basically a Japanese style hot dog. Their signature dog is: teriyaki sauce, mayo and seaweed and is crazy popular. Maybe we’re just weird on the West Coast?