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Photo: Liz Tunnell

Keridwyn is a busy girl. Not only does she run her own social media marketing business, but she recently created Seattle Pockets, a blog devoted to sharing cool Seattle events and activities.  And now she needs our help.  Keridwyn loves these fun (and affordable!) scarves from DIDUCI, but is waffling about which color to get.   Here are Keridwyn’s options:


diduci-turquoise-scarf, turquoise-scarf, etsy-scarf, pretty-scarf, inexpensive-scarf, fun-scarf


diduci-white-scarf, scarf, white-scarf, etsy-scarf


green-DIDUCI-scarf, pretty-scarf, pretty-cotton-scarf, etsy-scarf


yellow-DIDUCI-scarf, pretty-scarf, etsy-scarf


Keeping Keridwyn’s coloring in mind, which scarf do you think would suit her best?

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  1. I totally vote for yellow, Keridwyn! Gold looks divine on you and yellow would be a lovely extension of it. Plus, it’s a fun spring/summer accent color. That’s my vote, would love to see what you end up deciding.

    Cable Car Couture

  2. Your best choice when it comes to clothing worn close to your neck and face depends on whether you’re skin tone is complemented by colors in the Golden Warm or Cool Blue seasonal spectrum. A quick and easy way to check to see which season your skin tone falls in is to switching back and forth between holding a swatch or piece of clothing which is bright orange and one that is royal blue up to your face to see which is more complimentary.

    From there Cool Blue breaks down into Winter & Summer and for Golden Warm – Fall & Spring. An easy way to remember which colors fall within the seasonal spectrums is to consider the color of the flora and fauna of the season.

    Golden Warm: Fall = maize, auburn, rust, brown, olive & Spring = pastels

    Cool Blue: Winter = gem tones – emerald, ruby, sapphire, amythest, royal blue, fuschia & Summer = muted tones of the same colors as winter

    if you determine which season is most complimentary, the palette will work well for you all year round.

    Thus based on the scarves above if you happen to be a “Golden Warm” then the (Spring) yellow or white will be best whereas the (Summer) blue may make you look pale & sickly.

    If you’re a “Cool Blue” then the yellow will make you look off-color & possibly ill, while the (Summer) Blue or Turquoise will work much better for you.

    Though if you’re a “Winter” then you’ll always get complements for wearing bright colors or if fall then you’re best bet would be to find a more mustard color scarf.


    FYI: I did some modeling in the past, which is why a guy like me knows this stuff. And let me tell you that learning I am a “summer guy” has saved me tons of money I’d have otherwise spent on olive shirts that would have left me wondering why I wasn’t receiving any compliments on my appearance (like I do presently whenever I wear the right color shirt).

    • Wow! I never knew about this orange/blue material trick. Pretty cool. Glad you figured out your season — I think I’m summer as well.

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  4. These are all beautiful choices but I really liked the yellow the best 🙂

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