Today’s No-Waffle: My Parents’ House

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I didn’t grow up in the house my parents currently live in so I don’t have a huge sentimental attachment to it. I do have a huge aesthetic attachment to it, however.

Built-ins, builti-in-bookcases, built-in-bookcases-living-room, large-built-ins

Take the built-ins in the living room. Or these in the guest bedroom.

Built-ins, builti-in-bookcases, built-in-bookcases-guest-room, large-built-ins

I’m a big fan of this cozy nook in the master.

settee, settee-in-master, chaise-lounge, chaise-lounge-in-master

I’m also partial to the window seat in “my” room,


this arched doorway,

arched-doorway, arch, door-arch

and this mantelpiece.

mantelpiece, white-mantelpiece, fireplace, fireplace-in-master, fireplace-with-white-mantel

But perhaps my favorite part of my parents’ house is this oval window above the sink in the master bath.

oval-window, oval-window-master-bath

Here’s the funny thing: there are so many lovely parts of my parents’ house, but whenever we all get together do you know where we congregate? The stairs. Go figure.

PS — If you want to pin any of the above images to your Pinterest boards go ahead — you have my (and my parents’) permission.

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11 responses

  1. Just love so many things about your parent’s house. Such great architectural details abound! So much character …



  2. Beautiful house! I do recall that the house you grew up in had some great details as well…

  3. The house is gorgeous, indeed! I’m repinning the window!

  4. massive built-ins, nooks, arched doorways, and window seats in one place? lovely. the arched doorways totally sold me on our “new” house.

  5. Your parents look like my kind of people… all those books! Also, that nook is my favourite thing ever. We’ll be house shopping again this summer and I’ll be on the lookout for a nook like that or a space I can make a nook in. Every real reader needs one!

  6. where’s the photo of the stairs?

  7. Great book shelves. There’s always got to be books! And a fireplace if possible.

  8. Squeal! I love that window, too!