Sarah’s Waffle: Pictures of the Kids

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Some kids are cute. Some kids are ridiulously cute, like Sarah’s.

Sarah has already purchased a Groupon for two 16 x 20 convases; she plans on blowing up pictures of Jackson and Sadie and hanging them side by side above above the couch in her family room.

She just can’t figure out which pairing of the kids to choose. Can you help her out?

Option 1, the kids looking at each other:

Option 2, the kids with props:

Option 3, silly faces:

Option 4, kids looking up:

Option 5, kids looking away

Option 6, kids in the foyer

PS — Sarah’s friend, Emily, from Emily Ann Designs took the gorgeous pictures of Jackson and Sadie.

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4 responses

  1. They are all super cute! I chose “Looking away” so you don’t feel like you’re being watched.

  2. i love the kids looking up….but the different orientation (one vertical, one horizontal) bugs me if you’re gonna hang them side by side.

  3. whoops, I meant the “(or the looking forwards one)” to go with the “looking away” one suggestion. Either the boy looking away or looking torwards shots go with the girl in the foyer one. bad cut an paste.

  4. Honestly, the composition of the shots is more important than their location and gaze. You need them to be a set and look balanced (or entirely unbalanced…but there are no options that go that far). The 2 that make sense to me are the girl in the chair with the highlight on her face and the boy “looking away.” The lighting is similar in direction and tone and the size of their heads is comparable.

    You could also use the baby carriage one and the boy silly face one (or the looking towards one), as the wood fence ties them nicely and the scale is, again, correct.

    Lastly, before doing the printing, I’d do a little work on the images to make sure they print well. The girl in the foyer shot is a little dark on her face and the highlight is a little much on the left side. And, the boy’s skin tone is a little cold and I’d drop some time behind him where it’s blown out. If you know any photographers or designers, they can fix you up lickety split.