Today’s Waffle: Renovating a Fire Station

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Driving home the other day I passed this fire station.

Fire Station 38

Guess what? This 2568 square foot building is for sale.


Here’s the listing description, courtesty of Colliers (click on link to see more interior shots):

Built in 1930 with a major renovation in 1987, former Fire Station #38 features architectural details reminiscent of the Mission/Spanish Revival and Neo-Classical Revival styles.  As a unique residential dwelling, former Fire Station #38 provides a chance to own a piece of Seattle history.

fire-station-38, renovating-fire-station

Do you think it would be fun to live in a former fire station? What if money and location were not an issue and you could renovate the interior to your heart’s content?

You’d have some big open spaces to play with and super high ceilings…it’s a historical landmark, though, so any modifications you make to the exterior could not interfere with its’ “original character.”  In other words, you can’t paint it purple.

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  1. We live right by this fire station, and we were contemplating this very topic over the weekend. If we had the money to fix it up right, it would be super cool!!!

  2. Just wanted to stop back and say that I nominated you for the Versitile Blogger Award here; Just a fun award to shine some light on some great high-quality new-to-me blogs!

  3. OMG…i love this!! i would do something like this in a heartbeat…live in it, make it a community center, throw cool parties, whatever. LOVE IT!

  4. Ahhh this would be so great! My dad is a retired firefighter and I love the look of this building!