Today’s waffle: stenciled stairs

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Okay, so I knew stenciled stairs were a hot design trend, but I didn’t realize quite how popular they had become until I saw these stairs on a television commercial for Lowe’s new “Creative Ideas” ipad app:



I tured to Ken and said excitedly, “Look, more stenciled stairs — it’s becoming such a big trend now!” Unfortunately, my design acumen was lost on him and he gave me a perplexed look; I might as well said, “I’ve radioed the giant potato and it says we need to get into the bunker.”

A few days after seeing the commercial, I received the new Serena & Lily catalog in the mail. And what’s on the cover?

serena-and-lily-catalog, stenciled-stairs, navy-and-white, DIY-painted-stairs

Serena & Lily

The yellow and white stairs below have been making the rounds on Pinterest for a long time. I remember seeing the original article they appeared in — from this Boston Sunday Globe article — because I actually went to elementary school with the owner of the house.

It turns out that Carol Leonisio, the artist who painted the stairs, does not always receive credit for her work, which is a shame.  You can check out Carol’s portfolio and other work at her website, Paint It!

stenciled-stairs, yellow-white-stenciled-stairs, diy-stenciled-stairs

Paint It!

Some stencils are done to resemble traditional runners,

stenciled-stairs, blue-stenciled-stairs

Arte Styling

others use numbers,

stenciled-stairs, number-stencils-stairs

The Happy Haven

or words,

stair-riser-decor-ideas-, stenciled-stairs, word-stenciled-stairs, DIY-stenciled-stairs

Apartment therapy

but I think most common are the geometric designs.

stenciled-stairs,blue-and-white-stenciled-stairs, diy-stenciled-stairs, stair-stencils

The Decorative Paintbrush

So what do you think of this trend?

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  1. i love it! i think it is so fun! i don’t think i would do it on our main set of stairs but to the playroom (in the basement) i sure would!

  2. I like it, but I like the muted ones like the turquoise pictures the best. Some of the others, while pretty, may be too overpowering day after day.

  3. I’m still confused about why we’re getting advice from a potato…

  4. I definitely like it in theory, but I don’t think I would actually do it in my home…at least not on a main staircase. Too much to see everyday and I think I would get sick of it after a few years.