My Waffle: Embroidery Hoops with Fabric for Tessa’s Room

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I have a theory about the term “cute” when used to describe design elements: there’s good cute and there’s bad cute.  Good cute is whimsical, youthful and fun.  Bad cute is cutesy and overly precious.  Think toddler beauty pageants.  Scratch that.  Those are just tacky.

Okay, so I have a theory.  But I’m having trouble figuring out if hanging up embroidery hoops with fabric is good cute or bad cute.

embroidery hoops with fabric


They’re kind of cool, right? Or am I just reaching for something — anything — because Tessa’s walls look so freaking bare, as you can see below.

ribbon table skirt, girl's room

ribbon bedskirt table, ribbon table skirt girls room

At first I was thinking of decal-ing, or stenciling a tree on the wall above, but I’ve seen so much tree decor in kids’ room lately…I don’t know, maybe this embroidery hoop idea will be just as trendy.

I don’t like the idea of putting glass frames or anything heavy above Tessa’s head and this would definitely bring some color into the room.  On the other hand, it might read as random, weird, or — you knew it was coming — bad cute.

embroidery hoop fabric, embroidery hoop fabric wall art

the Purl bee

Embroidery hoops with fabric, fabric art, kids room art

Megan Creates

fabric art, embroidery hoop with fabric, nursery art

the b-line

So what do you think? Cool or cutesy? Should I try DIYing some embroidery hoops with fun fabric on Tessa’s walls, or figure out something else?

What have you been waffling about lately?  Whether it’s wallpaper or a new pair of wellies, let me know by clicking on the button below.

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  1. have no idea which cute this would be, but when i saw this idea i immediately thought of pastel irridescents….how fun and fairy-like would that be for the fabric inside the hoops??? (i’m constantly amazed at all the things i’d never have dreamed of until having a little girl made being “girly” suddenly tolerable!)

  2. Also think about painting them. With the right fabric a painted hoop can be a great accent.

  3. I think it would fit perfectly in her room, especially with some cute fabrics. I like Jessie’s idea of letting her choose – within your limits of course. Do you have plans for the wall beside the bookcase? I think an asymmetrical arrangement of hoops would look great there. Similar to the first picture and the one with the yellow chair. Just have to make sure you use large hoops and that the arrangement doesn’t look skimpy.

  4. It’s cute – no good, not bad. I agree with Jessie – take it easy and take a chance!
    Wallpaper, decal or stencil on one wall – in my opinion is better (on the wall above her head?). There are so many designs, even the shape/colors of the fabric hoops…

  5. YOu have VERY little to lose by trying– probably under $20, and you can give her some control. Just take her to a JoANna Fabric (or whatever you have there, and let her pick from a color range (an by that I mean pink, of course.) YOu can change them out or abandon the whole thing in 6 mos if you get tired of them, and in that time you can be waffling about what decal to get.

  6. As Tessa loves to dance, how about posters of ballet dancers or ballets? Either framed or shrink-wrapped.

    You can get them in wall decals,573972133

    or mounted print,612477333

    or you can shop around (with or without Tessa) for a poster or two you like and have it framed.