Today’s No-waffle:No Cost Closet and Dress-up Organization

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Okay, so Tessa’s closet wasn’t terrible.

Tessa's messy closet

Well, her dress-up corner was pretty bad. Tessa could barely get into that side of the closet, let alone lift the bin that barely contained all of her dress-up outfits (thank you, older cousins).

Tessa's messy closet

I was also feeling so good about Tessa’s new ribbon table skirt and the progress of her room (you can read the full post here), that I wanted the inside of her closet to be just as nice.

ribbon table skirt, girl's room

I don’t have many “rules” about organization (magazine covers always seem to be touting the “10 Best Tips for Organizing Your….” but I do stick to one key principle: take everything out before you begin. Everything. Don’t cheat and pretend that that one hard-to-reach corner can be overlooked. Take everything out. So that’s what I did.  Then comes the sorting in which I:

  • figured out which of Will’s old books I had been storing in the closet were ready to go on the white bookshelf.
  • figured out what clothes could be donated, and which select few I wanted to keep for sentimental value (I have a special bin for that in the garage.  I’m sappy.  Don’t judge).
  • figured out which of the many, many paper crowns, garlands, and wands were too bent/destroyed to play with and could be (secretly) removed.

This was a good start.  But the real progress came when I replaced the dress-up bin with this bedside table we no longer needed.  And voila! Three separate storage areas.

dress-up storage

I also found some extra Command Strip hooks we had and hung up the purses and beaded necklaces. I’m partial to these hooks because they come off of the wall so easily.

hooks for dress-up area

The top of the former nightstand is now home to Tessa’s jewelry box, wands and clutch.  Every girl needs a clutch, right?

dress-up closet organization

I also moved the bureau over a foot to the left so Tessa can actually get into the closet and access her dress-up clothes. The green and yellow bins that had been in the nightstand became perfect for extra storage on the wire shelf.

organized closet and dress-up area

So I didn’t solve world peace or figure out how to make eating-dark-chocolate-followed-by-a-siesta part of national policy, but when I was done I did feel a big sense of accomplishment, silly as that may sound.

What about you? Have you been spring cleaning lately? Do you have an organization project on your to-do list? Are you with me on the whole dark-chocolate thing??


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  1. I need this info for myself. For someone who likes clothes so much, I don’t treat them very well. I need lazy proof organization!