Today’s No-waffle: Ribbon Table Skirt

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Okay, cue the champagne and confetti: I recently wrote my 100th post for The Waffler.

Okay, maybe no champagne. But short of eating a hunk of dark chocolate, I can’t think of a better way of celebrating than to share some of the progress I have made with my daughter Tessa’s room. More specifically, the transformation of this non-descript Ikea sidetable…

…into this lovely ribboned nightstand.

ribbon bedskirt table, ribbon table skirt girls room

It’s amazing what a little fabric and ribbon can do.

ribbon table skirt girls room

I wish I could take the credit for making the tableskirt, but it’s the handiwork of my friend, Sarah, and her crafty mother, Kathy. I actually had every intention of learning the ropes (threads?) of how to sew this table skirt, but when I arrived at Sarah’s house with the table and materials, I chickened out. Okay, it was even worse than that: I ended eating most of the giant cookie I had brought for them.

ribbon table skirt girls room

Well, all of Sarah and Kathy’s hard work made for one very happy five-year-old. Tessa loves the table skirt, especially what she calls the “double ribbons.”

And me? I am also thrilled with the skirt. It might not be in her room in three years, but Tessa is in a particularly girly stage right now — a girly-girl who also plays soccer, wrestles with her brother, and plays a mean game of ninja warrior, but a girly-girl none-the-less.

I’m also thrilled with how far Tessa’s room has come since November.  This is what it looked like a few months ago:

But then I posted a waffle about which of four bed frames I should buy (you can read that post here) and readers encouraged me to go for Land of Nod’s Simple Bed. Then I posted a waffle about where to position the bed, and the clear winner was across from the window rather than under it (read here). Finally, I asked readers which of several nightstands to use, and the majority voted for trying to make a ribboned table skirt for the Ikea table (read about it here).

Here’s Tessa’s room now:

ribbon table skirt, girl's room

Okay, okay, so I know that the room is crying out for something on the walls. We’ll get to that in a future waffle. For now I just want to thank all of my readers for helping to resolve my waffles, as well as those of all the other wafflers who have written in. You guys rock!

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  1. Love it! Totally worth the waffling and wait!