Today’s waffle: Modern Family house vs. Up All Night house

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The ABC show, Modern Family, has received many accolades, as well it should: it’s pretty hilarious. I’ve recently caught a few episodes of Up All Night, the NBC comedy with Christina Appelgate and Will Arnett. It’s not as consistently funny as Modern Family, but I think it has potential.

But here’s the real question: which house (okay, set) do you like the best?

There are actually three houses to choose from on Modern Family, but for this waffle I’ve selected Phil and Claire Dunphy’s house (Phil is played by Ty Burrell and Claire is played by Julie Bowen). The designers seem to be going for a cozy, lived-in, Pottery Barn inspired look.

Here’s the Dunphey’s foyer.  The blue color on the stairs is Benjamin Moore’s Blue Labrador — now a very popular paint color.

Dunphy Home Modern Family, Modern Family foyer


The kitchen comes with a paneled refrigerator, what looks like black granite countertops, and plenty of wine storage.


Modern Family dining room

The living room has a comfortable vibe with lots of stripes and textures going on.

Modern Family living room



Here’s the master bedroom. I’m positive those sheets come from Pottery Barn because I almost bought them last year.

Modern Family bedroom

Modern Family bedroom

Here’s the bedroom shared by the Dunphy girls. Again, lots of color and pattern.

If the Dunphy house gets its’ design sense from Pottery Barn, then the Up All Night house is a mixture of Ikea and Room and Board — kind of a modern, retro, eclectic feel with lots of baby gear thrown in. The show follows Reagan — a producer for an Oprah-like talk show whose host is played by Maya Rudolph — and Christopher, a stay-at-home dad.

Here are a few shots of the kitchen. Those translucent cabinet doors mixed with open shelving make this room feel more contemporary.

Up All Night kitchen

Up All Night kitchen

Up All Night kitchen
Here’s the only shot I could find that shows a bit of a dining area.

The living room couch and large vertical tiles surrounding the fireplace lend a retro feel to the living room.

up all night living room

The master bedroom has a soft but tailored look.

Up all night bedroom

And finally the bathroom: lots of white tile and clean lines.

up all night bathroom

So what do you think? Which tv set best suits your own design tastes?

Sources for photos: the wonderful blog HookedonHouses, The LA Times, casasugar, and Reckless Bliss.

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8 responses

  1. I love both of these houses. I have the same couch as the one on Up All Night!

  2. I really like the Up All Night House but I think I’d have to upgrade my wardrobe at the very least in order to live there 🙂

  3. I love both of these shows and both homes. The Dunphy house is a very comfy stylish family home, and the Up All Night house has a lot of retro coolness. I’ve noticed this mid-century modern look showing up a lot on sets. The apartments on the show “Whitney” are quite modern as well. Also a hilarious show!

  4. This is great….it has always driven me crazy that the couches in the family room and living room of Claire and Phil’s house appeared to be the same. Glad they aren’t, but they still seem to be the same fabric which bugs. Maybe only me, but bugs nonetheless. 🙂

  5. The pictures posted for the Modern Family kitchen are not all the same. The island is different as well as the kitchen table and chairs. I don’t watch the show but I wonder if viewers have noticed this. Is it different seasons?