Real estate waffle: Scottsdale, AZ homes

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Last month we were all set to visit my sister-in-law in Arizona for a mini family reunion.


Unfortunately, Seattle had it’s annual bizarro snow storm that week and our flight was cancelled.  So when my S-I-L requested a real estate waffle for her hometown of Scottsdale I got right to work — hey, if I can’t scope out the houses there in person the second best thing is to do some on-line snooping.

First up is a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath new build listed for $3,195,00.

Sottsdale, AZ house

This house boasts an exercise/sauna room, 3+ fireplaces, and what looks to be a pretty awesome kitchen and living room.

Scottsdale, AZ house kitchen, silver pendants, kitchen pendants, stainless kitchen pendants, shiny pendants, white kitchen

lovely living room, living room off kitchen, staged living room, living room Arizona

It has lovely patios,

Scottsdale Arizona House, patio, beautiful patio, lovely outdoor living room

a pool off the main living area

patio, beautiful patio, lovely outdoor living room, pool, scorrsdale, AZ house

and great master bedroom and bath.

Scottsdale, AZ house, gallery wall, great gallery wall, gallery wall with white frames

lovely bathroom, white bathroom, neutral bathroom, double sinks bathroom, white cabinets bathroom

Or maybe your tastes run more modern. How about this 4 bedroom, 5 bath contemporary listed for $3,800,000?  It has a sleek kitchen,

scottsdale az kitchen, red kitchen, modern kitchen, granite countertops, sleek kitchen

scottsdale az kitchen, red kitchen, modern kitchen, granite countertops, sleek kitchen

lots of glass and open spaces,

scottsdale, az house living room, modern living room, glass living room, amazing view living room, scottsdale living room views, modern living room with view

Scottsdale Arizona house dining room, dining room with view, glass window dining room, beautiful view dining room

a bathroom with double showers and a cool tub off a private patio,

scottsdale Arizona house, modern bathroom, amazing tub, bathroom with view, bathroom private terrace, double showers

and some spectacular outdoor areas.

Scottsdale Arizona pool, modern pool, large modern pool, pool contemporary house

scottsdale arizona pool

scottsdale arizona house patio, patio with views, nighttime view patio, arizona views, beautiful patio views

Or would you prefer this “Tuscan inspired” 4 bedroom, 6 bathroom house listed for $3,450,000?

Scottsdale arizona house

It has a ginormous kitchen,

scottsdale arizona house

beamed ceilings,

scottsdale arizona house

scottsdale arizona house

both a game and a media room,

scottsdale arizona house, game room

scottsdale arizona house, media room

and lots of outdoor space.

scottsdale arizona house, patio

scottsdale arizona house, patio and pool

So if the cost and location of the house were not factors, which one would you choose?

And while we’re on the topic of real estate…If you’re a Pinterest member, come on over to the SoHo Loft Project board. We’ve got a great group of bloggers and pinners adding items we love to make this space come alive.

SoHo loft, brick wall soho loft, open loft space, unfurnished living room, pinterest party, pin party

To join, simply let me know your Pinterest handle in a comment or email it to me directly here.

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  1. Just came back from design bloggers conference last night Stopped in Arizona on a connecting flight. The mountains are breath taking. I’ll have to visit.

  2. i LOVE the courtyard style and the clean look of the first one….but because i live here and have some sense of how hard that would be to keep clean with children (one dust storm and it’s all over!!), i went with the Tuscan style, which i love when i see it around town….what i REALLY love, though, is that you found three totally different-looking houses….so much of the architecture here looks all the same!

  3. Hey, I wouldn’t turn down any of these beauties, but my fave is the first one. So light and airy and modern but still casual-comfy. And the outdoor areas really take advantage of the beautiful vistas.