Today’s no-waffle: a visit from grandma

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Six years ago when we still lived in Boston a trip to my parents’ house was not a big deal because we lived about 15 minutes away from them.  Now that we’re in Seattle, a visit from grandma is a Very Big Deal.  In fact the entire week she was here Will and Tessa were in a heightened state of excitement — for much of the time I think only the neighborhood dogs could hear Tessa’s voice it was so high pitched.

But mom was patient with them. She told the kids Little Joey stories (Little Joey being the rascally boy who is the star of stories mom has been telling since my sister and I were kids), played endless car games with them on our road trip to Portland, and didn’t bat an eye when Will and Tessa yelled and fought vigorously disagreed with each other.

I hear from the grapevine that grandma-ing is a pretty good gig. You can heap tons of love and attention on your grandkids but then when they’ve fully exhausted you, you get to return home to peace, quiet, and a lego-free living room.  Well being a good grandma might be easy, but my kids are lucky enough to have a truly great one.

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  1. I had a lovely dream about your mother last night. Funny you are writing about her today.