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A few weeks ago I posted my first ever Fantasy Real Estate Waffle and it was a big hit.  Out of the three Seattle area homes listed for around a million dollars, the Portage Bay house with period charm came in first with 45% of the vote.

portage bay house seattle

portage bay house seattle

Coming in a close second with 35% was the West Seattle modern house with the killer views.

West Seattle house with view

West Seattle house with view

The Salmon Bay house with water access only garnered 20%, but I still wouldn’t say no to waking up with this view.

salmon bay house, seattle

I had a lot of fun creating this fantasy waffle even though my poor little brain went into waffling overdrive looking at all of the amazing listings: ooh, this house would be good to share, but so would that one.  And look at the bathroom in this house! Oh, but that house has great details… But you know what? I will gladly suffer from decideophobia again — let me know if there’s a particular city, town, or hamlet you’d like to see  featured and I’ll be happy to create a real estate waffle.

when harry met sally movie still, carrie fisher and meg ryan, girlfriend lunch, when harry met sally, carrie fisher, meg ryan, lunch movie

It was a double fantasy waffle week when I asked which free monthly indulgence you would choose if given the choice between a free monthly mani/pedi, massage, haircut or lunch with friends.  Seems like most of you enjoy pampering yourself socially: 41% of readers voted for lunch with friends, 33% wanted a massage, while mani/pedi and haircut came in third and fourth.  I, too, love the idea of a monthly lunch date with my girlfriends, and that’s saying a lot because I’m a total sucker for getting my hair blown out.

fresh flowers

In fresh cut flower news, when I asked how many of you buy them, 44% said almost never, 30% of readers only do it on special occasions, and 26% reported buying them on a regular basis.

amazing porch, Seattle porch, big windows porch, huge windows porch, light and airy porch

I’m signing off with a beautiful porch I came across in my real estate perusings. I wouldn’t mind camping out there with a good book this weekend. Hope you have a good one!

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  1. San Francisco has been on my bucket list for years so I would love to see real estate from there but I am not fussy when it comes to beautiful houses! I am now totally in love with that West Seattle home, those views are just incredible!

  2. Phoenix/Scottsdale!!! Real estate waffle!!! Please!!!