My waffle: painting the dining room/living room yellow

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Yesterday I wrote about the cheery yarn bombed trees I saw in downtown Seattle; today I’m debating whether to bring some of that same sunniness to my combined living room/dining room by painting it yellow.   Eventually I would like a larger piece of art on the back wall and a drum pendant to replace the current lighting, but right now I’m thinking about color.

dining room

The main color behind the table is Kelly Moore’s Creamy Natural — a whitish green; the darker color it meets in the corner is Beach Bum — a gray green.  The built-in bookcase is a high gloss white.

dining room, built in bookcase

The living room is mostly Beach Bum as well:

living room, painting a living room yellow, kelly moore beach bum

living room

Now you may remember how I was completely waffled (yes, waffled is not officially a word) by what color to paint my laundry room. My first impulse was blue, but after many readers encouraged me to try yellow — and after many trips to the paint store — I fell in love with Benjamin Moore’s Moonlight.

laundry room, yellow laundry room, moonlight benjamin moore, benjamin moore moonlight laundry room, yellow benjamin moore laundry room, black and white rug in laundry room, yellow walls black and white rug

So what if I painted my living room/dining room Moonlight as well? Or maybe even going a bit lighter than Moonlight? I love the pops of yellow the cushions on the green couch provide and I think it would be nice to tie the walls in…but would a whole yellow room be too much, too intense?

The truth of the matter is that the sagey green colors are nice — and even nicer on a sunny day, so maybe I should just add a few yellow accessories rather than going whole hog yellow. But when Seattle is particularly gray and rainy I think about painting this big room and bringing the sun indoors. What do you think?

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  1. I like the seafoam idea. I think a nice blue/green would complement your existing neutral palette. My concern with the yellow is how the sofa would look against it. I had two other thoughts for how to liven up the space if that is your goal.
    1) Paint the backs of the bookcase a complementary color like the seafoam blue or maybe a more gray blue.
    2) Add a more colorful carpet in the living room like a company c or dash and albert, and move the existing carpet to the DR.
    3) I have a fixture like your dining room one and it drives my bonkers! Literally, as I keep bonking my head on it! Let us know what you are thinking about.

  2. also: i think you could put a large-ish potted plant (assuming you don’t kill green living things, as i do) in the dining area across the doorway from the built-in bookcase….that corner looks a little bare and maybe contributes to the cooler feeling in the room?

  3. what if you just did the accents/trim in a yellow that’s complementary to the existing sagey walls? it would warm up the room more than the existing white does now, but without the wholesale commitment to yellow throughout that ginormous room.

  4. I may have mentioned this when you did your laundry room but we had a yellow living room once and EVERYONE talked about how much they loved it. The mailman, delivery guy, everyone. We went for an off-the-charts orangey yellow but it was heavenly. Go for it!

  5. I vote Yellow, why not just try it?

  6. I may be in the minority here but I would avoid yellow. I know the desire to make it sunny when it’s not here in Seattle but I find that painting it yellow doesn’t make the problem go away and then it feels almost too sunny when you have a lot of windows in the summer.
    I agree with eightfivemab, do a different color and leave the yellow for the accessories. As you probably know, I am a lover of gray walls and became this way after living here. When you have lots windows and natural light, it sort of creates a neutral palate (walls match sky) and then your accessories and things draw attention rather than the walls.

  7. Oh, and lol, yes spring decor may get a little old by November, but at least into September is good in my books! 🙂

  8. Yes! Absolutely go with yellow, and I agree, maybe just a shade lighter than your laundry room? Nice room, btw, and waffled is an excellent word. I’m going to use it!

  9. Yes, but not the Moonlight color. It’s too cool. You need something warmer. Try Vellum or Barley or Beacon Hill Damask as starting points. They will go well with the beach bum, too, if you leave a wall that color or have it in an adjoining space. The Moonlight will not go as well with it, will be too easter-y.

  10. Your laundry room is so pretty. I’d bet a splash of yellow would make your other rooms feel so happy too! I admire that you can pick a good yellow. We tried a shade for our guest bedroom and it didn’t turn out so well!

  11. Call me crazy, but I think a nice seafoam could really make the room pop!