Suzy’s waffle: art for the dining room

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Amazing DIYer Suzy from Worthing Court has sent me a waffle about a tricky subject: choosing art.  In her case, it’s for her dining room.  Here’s what Suzy says about her dilemma:

I’ve been working to give my dining room an updated look on a low budget.  I’m a traditional girl at heart, but have grown to love the look of traditional mixed with a modern take on things and a little vintage thrown in for good measure.  Here’s my dining room “before.”

worthington court dining room "before"

So far – I’ve painted my brown metal chandelier an antique gold, removed the shades and replaced them with round bulbs, added updated lamps and a container filled with nature inspired orbs to the sideboard and changed up the table with the addition of a vintage urn and peace lily.  I removed wall brackets from either side of the mirror, pillows that used to reside in the arm chairs and flag pendants that were hung with my draperies.  Here’s the “after”:

dining room update Worthington Court

I really like the look so far, but my walls are looking kind of bare, especially the back wall, as you can see here:

back wall of dining room worthington court

I’m waffling over what kind of artwork to hang there.  I’m leaning toward something with a little bit of a vintage vibe framed in black frames.  I think I need a group of three pieces because of the size of the wall.  Here are my choices.

Group 1:

bird artbird artbird art

Group 2:

bird adbird art

Group 3:

fruit artfruit artfruit art

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9 responses

  1. Although I like #1 & #2, I just wouldn’t want birds in my dining room. I love the fruit prints & think they’d be perfect in Suzy’s room. I can’t wait to see what she chooses.

  2. I voted for 2, as I think the birds in the branches are more elegant for such lovely dining room. Whereas the birds in nests are more sporty looking? I personally would go for one big artwork, instead of three small ones, although I like them, I would choose another wall for them. Hugs and thanks for asking us.

  3. I would vote for group 2 if going with a traditional look. The black frames will conrtrast well with the birds and the green in the pics seem to better coordinate with the wall color. Having said that, a less traditional art piece with a lot of color would take the room further into the direction you seemed to be going. Art is such a personal preference though. Since you are the one that will be looking at it day in and out….it should be something YOU LOVE! So don’t be impatient, as you know I’ve been looking quite some time for something I will love on my stairwell wall. Eventually I will find it!!!

  4. Thank you for featuring my waffle today, Molly. I’m really looking forward to the final tally! Take care. Suzy

  5. I like group 2 as it is a little cleaner and makes them stand out more.

  6. shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    I am very partial to the vintage bird prints…#1..

  7. I think she needs something a bit less vintage and bit more clean and modern. The room looks great an updated, the art should nudge it a bit further. Due to the amount of stuff going on in there, too, I’d try for one large print rather than 3 small ones. Try 20 x 200 as a source.

  8. While I like all three, I voted for #2 because I think those will look the best in black frames. Each of those prints has an element of black in the birds and berries. Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  9. FWIW – I worry about the green in the prints against the green on the walls. Like the classic themes you’re going with.