Today’s waffle: owls

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Owls? Yes, owls. I occasionally pass by an antique store here in Seattle and there are a whole row of these little porcelain owls in the window.

porcelain Owls

They’ve been making me think of the long-lasting owl trend in decor. How do you feel about the owl as motif?

This Owls Sheet and Duvet set from Dwell Studios has been around for awhile:

Owls bedding Dwell Studios, Owls duvet, owls sheet set, Dwell Studios owl kids sheets

And of course there are plenty of owl stencils and decals like this one for kids’ rooms:

owls in decor, owl decal, owls kids room, owls nursery, cute owls kids room, owls on walls

But there are also owl smartphone cases:

owl smartphone case

Owl umbrella stands:

owl umbrella stand

Owl wallpaper:

owl wallpaper

Owl Calendars:

owl calendar

And of course, a multitude of owl pillows:

owl pillow, owls decor, owls interior design, cute owls, owls on branch

Are you digging the owl trend or are you ready for it to be over and done with?

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  1. Are you kidding? Who could get tired of owls…so cute, vintage and lovable…Check out my newest owl here…
    and let me know what you think. Lori

  2. On the weekend I bought a tshirt with an owl on it. I tried it on and realized my belt buckle had an owl on it at the same time so you can guess how I voted:)

  3. I love that owl wall paper! I actually don’t have much owlish stuff in my house (just an adult piggy bank in my room) but I am super drawn to it when I see it. I also have an old school tattoo of an owl on my upper left arm. I hate birds but there’s something about owls I love!

  4. my grandmother was a huge owl collector…i have a few of her old pieces scattered around my house…i don’t love owls, but i adored her.

  5. A la put a bird on it, I will always put an owl on it!