Rebekah’s waffle: will the couch, chairs and rugs go with turquoise walls?

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I’m so excited to introduce today’s guest waffler: Rebekah, from the awesome blog, Potholes to Pantyhose. She’s not afraid of going bold with her walls (turquoise!) but she needs some help with the details.

Hello to all of my fellow Waffler readers!  I’m Rebekah from Potholes and Pantyhose which is where I share and photograph detailed tutorials of my DIY Projects, Recipes, Photography Tips and Remodeling Endeavors. I like to re-invent and create things around my home, but I like to do so inexpensively and with my own little flair.

Today, I need your help making some major decorating decisions. I married a man that actually cares how his home is decorated, but he’s given me the green light to redecorate the joined living and dining room spaces.

When we first moved into this house, we went very basic with the color choice in the living and dining room-as you can see here in the dining room…and here in the living room.

I’m ready for something a bit more bold, full of style and warmth.  Here is my inspirations in a nutshell:

This was the beginning of my inspiration — turquoise painted walls with orange accents:

(Courtesy Home and Decor)

I love these colors together.

(Courtesy Cococozy)

I am definitely going to paint the walls turquoise, but here is where I’m waffling: first, do I keep the black couch and the rugs that are currently in both rooms?

and second, will the orange chairs I already have go with turquoise walls?

Also — I want to add window coverings.  Any suggestions on color?

Weigh in. I need you.  I don’t want to let my hubby down-he’s depending on me to make some good decisions. Once I see that turquoise on the wall, I may just lose it…..

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  1. Designer Muriel Brandolini is a great inspiration to your plan. Check her style.
    My opinion – if you dare to go tourquise, don;t stop just there.
    Dining – paint also one side of the dooor. bigger chandelier. big accesories on the table. a runner? Sheer curtains floor to ceiling. Keep the rug and chairs.
    Living – couch is nice, but not in good relation to side tables – they are too big. replace the coffee table. rug – color is good, but it looks small to the room. LOVe the heads on the mental reaarenge the books – less, add objects. the curtain – replace with a roller?something?
    painting above the menatal may be better in the dining room.
    You are brave! and I’d love to see the results!

  2. Love the turquoise and orange color combo, and totally think it could work if you love it. I would vote for keeping the rugs and just seeing how it works. The black couch and some of your art might not work. The dining chairs seem more red-orange than the ideal complimentary shade of orange. I think Holiday has solid advice about that–slightly lighter might work better with that tone of chairs. Your current accents might not quite work–your inspiration photo is a little more European old-money study, and your current look is more mod. HAVE to see after photos of this one!

  3. I think the turquoise walls would look great in the dining room as it is. I like the current rug because I feel like with the bold color chairs and walls with the black and white rug and white table will compliment those colors. The couch is the living room is to dark a color I feel with the turquoise walls. I would suggest a printed couch with a solid color shag rug.I love the idea of the turquoise walls,but my husband would never go for it! I bet it will look great.

  4. I think you can keep the couch, but not the rug in the living room. You need the rug and drapes in that room to add warmth. Tans (with orange) and browns and yellows. Warmer texture so the whole space is not poppy and shiny.

    The orange chairs are a solid maybe, it will depend on the tone of the paint. I’d try the living room n a deeper color and then use a lighter shade in the dining room. Orange chairs might be okay in a lighter version, especially if you tie the orange in a bit n the living room. I would not go too matchy-matchy with all orange accents in the living room if you plan to keep the chairs in the dining room.

    It’s really all going to come down to the soft surfaces to make this work or not work.

  5. I think they are all great ideas! And I think the turquoise coming through your art work above the couch could look really cool!

  6. She is far more brave than me. I need someone to just come paint my walls bold colors without my permission and I’d totally be okay with it…deciding to do so is just too much for me!

  7. I’m pretty jealous of the turquoise walls, I’d love to have a teal bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. I think the most likely option with my husband will be bathroom so I’ll keep pushing for it. I definitely think teal and orange are complimentary colours!

  8. lovely especially the Home & Decor photo

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