Today’s no-waffle: Bridesmaids

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A few months ago one of my book clubs decided to get together for a movie night. Our choice? Bridesmaids. Our consensus? Hillarious.


Written by and starring Kristin Wiig from SNL, this movie has an amazing cast of actresses. Melissa McCarthy (who I had last remembered seeing on the Gilmore Girls…yes, I watched the Gilmore Girls) is especially hysterical. I highly recommend seeing this movie with a bunch of girlfriends because it really is a movie about female friendship. Yes, there’s a “love interest” but that storyline pales in comparison to the portrayal of how women relate to each other — for better and for worse.

So if you haven’t seen Bridesmaids yet — or even if you have — call, text, or email some friends and set up a date to watch it. Well, vote first, and then you can email them.

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