Waffler wrap-up and recent poll results

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Remember how Holiday from Holiday House Rules was having trouble deciding which Flor tiles to use under her new Wishbone Chairs? Needlepoint stripe in Camellia Flor tile, Needlepoint stripe in Camellia Flor tile with red chair, Needlepoint stripe in Camellia Flor tile with design within reach wishbone chair 52% of readers voted for sticking with her current pattern — the Camellia — and that’s what she’s doing, at least for now. As Holiday said when I checked in with her, “I’m thinking of changing the roman shade so who knows where that will take me.” In living room news, Rachel had a great waffle about what to do with one corner of her living room. She loved the idea of a banquette and was debating if she should get Ballad Designs’ Coventry Bench — and if so, whether to get it in red or a more neutral color. ballarddesigns coventry bench, bench, red velvet bench, bench for homework arts Rachel also wondered if she should purchase Company C’s Dandelion Rug to go under the bench. dandelion rug company c, colorful rug, lovely rug, playful rug, whimsical rug, rug for under bench The majority of readers encouraged Rachel to get the bench — 53% suggested neutral and 40% liked red — and almost everyone loved the rug.  Here’s Rachel’s status update:

I think the banquette/table set-up is going to be a must and we will look for a pedestal table that maybe even expands with a leaf. Both my husband, Robert, and I are a little concerned about the reviews of the upholstered Ballard bench but there are no others on the internet. I wish I could sit on it in an actual brick and mortar store. We have planned an exploratory mission later in the month to seek out the offerings here in the Bay Area, and I will report back on any and all findings. I realized that I should just order the rug and go from there. I would probably be happy just to sit and stare at it even if I just have to sit on the rug while I figure out the rest of the corner. I will send updates as the redecoration evolves.  I say go for the rug, Rachel.  It’s lovely! banquette, lovely banquette, bright and sunny breakfast area, modern pendant And while we’re talking about banquettes,  if I ever decide to gut a house, something like this will be on my “must-have” list.  Oh, and I’ll take the floor and windows too. Have a great weekend!

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