Fantasy waffle: free monthly indulgence

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I’m not an especially big fan of Valentine’s Day, but all of the heart-day hype has got me thinking about favorite indulgences. Let’s say a magical fairy comes to your door and offers you a year’s worth of monthly pampering — free of charge with amazing results guaranteed.  Would you choose:

A monthly mani/pedi

manicure pedicure

A monthly massage


A monthly haircut/blow-out

blow out, hair cut

Or for pampering of a different kind, a monthly lunch with your best friends

lunch, picnic, lunch with girlfriends, lovely picnic

Do you have an idea for a fantasy or no-waffle? Or are you just doing some regular old furniture or fashion waffling? Whatever the dilemma click on the button below to get in touch.

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  1. I’m with you. Not a fan of this holiday but if I could lunch with friends I’d be a bigger fan:)