Today’s waffle: fresh flowers

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We’ve had an amazing run of sunny days here in Seattle. Perhaps because of this spring-like weather, I was recently struck by the beautiful flowers outside our local market.

fresh flowers

I paused.  I admired.  I thought about buying some…but then I didn’t, rationalizing that I should save my pennies.  When I arrived home, though, I regretted my stinginess and wished I had grabbed a bunch of tulips.

What about you? Do you view fresh flowers as an essential staple or an infrequent indulgence?

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4 responses

  1. I buy fresh flowers every week. I feel that it’s worth the money because it always makes the house more cheerful and colorful.

  2. i love the look of fresh flowers, but i hate the fact that they cost so much and die after a few days, so i’ve kind of outlawed them in my house. flowering houseplants are so much more sustainable, if you can keep them alive (which i cannot). after years of training, my husband now knows not to bring them home….but if he wanted to grow me a rosebush, i’d be all over it!

  3. We get them pretty rarely (usually only for special occasion) but when we have them our house feels more cheerful and I always make a mental note to buy them more often.